Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What's on my needles?

I have officially finished one stocking stuffer for each of the minions!  Yippee.
I had to sneak this picture before packing them away in the "secret basket" in the back of my closet, so I apologize tremendously.  The lighting is poor, and there is nothing even in there to show you scale.  My, my.
These are what we call "slipper socks" at my house.  The boys get a new pair every year...sometimes in their stockings, sometimes just because, sometimes when they are sick.  They are worsted weight, cotton socks that they wear at home.  They are a little thick to wear outside, but on occasion, they are worn over a pair of store bought socks inside winter boots.  They are definitely worn to bed on cold winter nights (but they are cotton, so it's ok). They are definitely worn in the winter when they are at home sick, having a pyjama day.  Sometimes, they are worn when we come in for hot chocolate after sledding. The second sock here was knit up in basically a day.  I started it Saturday evening while watching TV (I probably worked on it for 45 minutes to an hour).  Then on Sunday, I picked it up here and there when no one was looking to do a few rows at a time.  Sunday night, I finished it off (probably about an hour again).  They are worsted weight, so they come together so fast!  The pattern is the one I mentioned last week...Easy Worsted Weight Socks.  I really love this pattern for beginners socks.  I think for the next pair, I will try this same pattern but modified a bit with a thinner yarn for socks they can wear in their shoes.  I will be keeping it on file, however, for the yearly "slipper socks".  I might even whip myself up a pair...after I get a few more stocking stuffers in the bag, that is.

What else is on my needles?
I am starting something I have been meaning to make for over a year.  Maybe two.  I know the yarn has been in my stash for at least two years.  At least!  I am just giving you a sneak peak right now...hopefully in the next week or so I will be able to share the finished project.  I can tell you that it is not a baby hat, even though that is what it looks like at this point. 

On the reading front...S has "suggested" that I read the Conspiracy 365 books he is currently reading.  There are 12 books, one for each month.  He just finished May.  I started January this morning.  He often does this...he gets so excited about a series and he wants to share the details and talk about it, but no one really knows what he is talking about until someone else starts the series.  Usually me.  So this morning, I started the first one.  And then he wanted to tell me all about the one he just finished.  He "accidentally" told me something that I shouldn't know until the 3rd book.  I think I might have to catch up to him in a big hurry so that he can talk about them before he explodes.

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  1. I love knitting thick socks like that. I usually make a couple of pair each year. They are quick to knit and great to keep those toes warm!

  2. ♥ I only read January of the Conspiracy 365 books....but was thinking of my 11 year old daughter. I liked what I read! We'll have to get the other months. Beautiful socks, Natalie!!!

  3. Looks like the beginnings of a giant acorn!!
    - Annick