Monday, 22 February 2016

My buttons are going to be famous...

I was watching Episode Seven of The Sweater by Kathleen Dames on You tube, and was tickled pink with her comments about my buttons.

If you haven't seen this series, it's a set of 12 videos where she walks us through knitting a sweater, step by step.  You can subscribe to the series at Kathleen's website to get the free pattern (until early March) or you can just watch the videos on You Tube.

She's using my hand made buttons on her sweater (you can get some here, in my etsy shop) and mentioned how great it is that my buttons are glazed on both sides so they are nice and smooth (that is not always the case with ceramic buttons).  So YAY!

In fact, if you watch the video, she shows how to make your buttons interchangeable on a hand knit sweater, so you can have a regular set of buttons and a "party set".  So Fun!  All.of.the.buttons!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Espen Headband

I think it was WAY back in December, Varian Brandon of Brandon Knitting Designs did a Knit-Along on Periscope with her Espen hat/headband pattern.
Mine is officially finished!  I added the buttons this morning.  This was my plan all along, which is why I chose white flowers on a green background, but...well...I got distracted.
 It's all blocked, and ready to go for spring time (I wear a full hat all winter).

 You can find her pattern over here, my ravelry notes here,
and tiny little buttons in my etsy shop over here

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