Monday, 17 September 2012

Handmade Holidays?

A few weeks ago I posted a small list of projects I wanted to get done for the holidays.  This weekend, I was able to finish up the bookmarks for the boys.  They didn't turn out exactly as I planned, but I think the boys will quite like them.  The knit part is about 10" long and then the beads and braided tails stick out another 2-3" per side, so it makes them nice and long.

I found the pattern in this book but changed it up just the slightest bit.  Trust me, the ones in the book look world's better.  I even tried to iron them to see if it would help.  It did, but I still much prefer the ones in the book.  I think it is the weaving...I don't think I put in quite enough.
 From the front, you can barely see it at all...
...a little bit if you spread it out.
From the back, it shows up so nicely.  I think that was the point.  I think I was supposed to weave in from the back and make the pattern there.  I didn't get it until after they were ironed.  Oh well, lesson learned.  I am still going to pack these away for stocking stuffers, but I will make a note on the pattern that if I make these again, to weave in from the back (maybe two colours, or weave a few rows, leave a few rows).

So now I have two stocking stuffers for each of the boys done...bookmarks, and slipper socks.  Next up...I have pulled out the sewing machine and set it back up again to get to work on the next project when inspiration strikes.  I have decided though, that before I knit any more holiday presents, I better make N another hat for his birthday.  I have one finished up, but he loves them, and he shrunk his last year, and I just know he will do the same this year, so I am going to use up some leftover yarn to make him a second one.

Anyone else doing some holiday crafting?  I know you are...I've seen you have a link to share?

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  1. Not so much crafting, but I took care of the homemade vanilla extract that was on my list. It needs to sit for 3-6 months, so now is the time to get those stocking stuffers steeping!
    - Annick

  2. Those are really cute! I'm so impressed that you're already starting on your gift list...I really need to finish up my planning and get started! I know I want to make a knitting needle case for my daughter as she started knitting this week and is quite taken with it... Come visit our Crafting On!

  3. What a great idea and a different type of knit/weave. I don't even want to start thinking about my holiday knitting...but I really should.