Sunday, 23 September 2012


 This past summer, one of our experiments was peanuts.  N chose these (and popcorn, but that's a whole other post, since we still don't have any harvested)
Last week, we went out and harvested...the boys and I.  I dug them up (have you ever seen how they grow?   Kind of like potatoes)
 And they pulled all the peanuts of the plants.
We collected a colander full from the one seed packet we planted.  Pretty successful, I think, since we were just checking if they could grow well in our area.
I soaked them overnight in salt water (like I did for the sunflower seeds) but this may have been a mistake.
After roasting them in the oven, the peanuts were still really really soft, so I am thinking I probably shouldn't have soaked them.  Incidentally, this whole process took a while...wanna know why?  After I soaked them, I put them on a baking sheet.  An air bake one that I have that doesn't have a rim on it.  I only have one with a rim, and it was dirty, and I didn't feel like washing it before roasting the peanuts, since I was doing that at the same time as getting supper ready.  I looked at it and thought "I won't spill, I will just be really careful".  So, I put them in the over at 350 degrees.  At 10 minutes I took them out to stir them up carefully, and then I went to put them back in the oven at which point I tipped the whole tray into the bottom of the oven.  The gas oven...into the part where the flame is...while I was also trying to make dinner.  So I turned the oven off and got some spaghetti sauce out of the freezer and made spaghetti instead of what I was going to be cooking...a new recipe I was inventing that we were all pretty excited to try.  Then I had to wait for the oven to cool, so I went to do the groceries.  When I came back, I took the oven panels out with a screwdriver and removed all the peanuts from the bottom flame area...some with tweezers.  They kind of got stuck everywhere...and while I was in there I removed some broken glass from a casserole I exploded a few years back (I had "baby brain" at the time...N was a baby and I was sorely lacking sleep). So I am telling myself there is a reason that I spilled all those peanuts.

Anyways, by the time I finished all that, I was in no mood to roast the peanuts, so I roasted them the following night.  For 40 minutes.  And they still came out really really soft. I shelled them all...
and roasted them without the shell.  For a little more than 20 minutes this time.
They are still kind of chewy.  If I can't figure out how to fix it, I am going to roast them a little bit more, and then candy them.  That should fix just about everything I would think.

Any suggestions - I mean other than the obvious "Do it right the first time"  :)

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  1. Can you dehydrate them for a small period of time?
    Or, we can go to Georgia in the winter and see how the plantations do it, you know, escape the snow, and the kids, and the work, and well you get the idea :).

  2. Well, I'm no peanut expert (even though I'm in GA) but when I bought some organic ones last year the lady was sure to tell me these were for roasting, not boiling. See here in the South boiled peanuts are all the rage. MMMMMMM.... Anyway, your picture looks liked boiled peanuts. Maybe there is a difference???

  3. Wow - this is so cool - I would love to grow peanuts, but I think it's too cold here! I am just starting a new homestead related link up, and would love you to join. If you get a moment, come by and check it out!

  4. Did you let the peanuts air dry for two or three weeks to cure them?

    1. Thank you Dee. I hadn't heard of that. I will try it next time around.

    2. You're welcome :) And I don't know if cure is the technical term; however, I do know that there is something about them when they are first picked that is somehow resolved through drying. Sorry to be vague, I'm not exactly sure what it is! Maybe they just have a lot of moisture that doesn't allow them to store well?

      They are really interesting and pretty plants to grow though, aren't they?

  5. Thank you to all who replied with suggestions. I will definitely try this again next year...and I will let them cure first next time (didn't come across that on our internet search) and I will save some to boil as well to see how that is. I have never in my life heard of boiled peanuts. Wow. I love my readers. Thanks all for sharing.