Tuesday, 4 September 2012


One of the things I love most about reading other people's blogs is finding out the feedback on patterns they have tried.  I am more likely to try a new pattern if someone tells me how great it is rather than if I see something I like and then search out the pattern from there.

So, to return the favour...here is a pattern that I really, truly enjoyed knitting (incidentally, I shortened the leg portion because one of my minions likes short socks).

This is a great pattern for beginners, for sure, but it is also a great pattern for people who have been knitting for a while and just need, shall we say, a helping hand.  She gives lots of tips interspersed with the pattern instructions to make it easier as you go along.  Now, I have knit socks before.  I have knit quite a few socks before!  And if you read my post last week, you would have seen that I had three socks at the "pick up stitches" stage for the gusset and that I was dreading that step.  I never like that step. It makes my hands hurt.

Well!  I just did the two above, easy peasy!  She gives a little tip to slip the first stitch of each row while working the heel to make it easier to pick up.  She gives a little tip to pick up and knit the stitches one at a time rather than trying to get them all on a needle.  She gives a little tip to knit one round before starting your decreases to even out the picked up stitches.  Whew!  Problem solved.  Now I will be flying through the socks.  Disclaimer:  I have learned to knit as I go, as I don't actually know anybody else that knits.  Maybe some of you don't have this problem if you have a mentor or teacher of some sort, but somehow, I have never came across those three tips before.

My point:  if you have never knit socks and would like to try, I highly recommend this pattern.  If you have knit socks before and didn't like it, I highly recommend this pattern.   You're welcome.

Next up: please excuse the awful pictures.  The lighting was horrible because of the rain we so desperately needed.
 My new hat is finished.  It looks better in real life.  This one is from Modern Top Down Knitting and I posted a picture of this one from the book last week.
 Although it is entirely my own fault, it doesn't fit properly.  My gauge was off, and even though she said to use fleece (which stretches), I used flannel (which does not).  It is quite snug, but I do like how it looks.  I like different hats...hats that not everyone on the street are wearing.
It will, however, be perfect for the skating rink, as it won't be going anywhere!  And I will be making another  one right shortly (maybe in stripes?), but this time being much more careful to follow the directions properly.

And on the reading front:  does anyone have a good fiction to recommend?  September is a busy month here.  The boys go back to school, I go back to pottery once a week, the garden has to be put to sleep (once I finish the harvest and canning of course), and the extracurricular activities start.  I need a nice, light read that I can pick up and put down whenever.  Preferably something "old-timey".  Anyone have a suggestion for me?

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  1. Love the socks and the hat..you great in it!! I can see that you have been very busy knitting great job!!


  2. Thanks for the sock pattern recommendation. I've made socks before but tips are always welcome, especially for making things like picking up stitches easier - I'm terrible at that!

  3. I have to admit the orange hat on the model in the book looks fabulous...yours is also really awesome ♥ next time when you take a photo of yourself in something you made, just smile!!!

  4. I love your hat! I think that it is so cute! I too, like hats that are not currently being worn by 1 million others. I like the uniqueness of it.

  5. Love that hat! I'm happy to have found you through the link up, I'm sharing leg warmers this week. Happy knitting!

  6. This is the first time I've come across your blog but I enjoyed it. I would recommend Terry Pratchet books for fiction. If you like ironic and pure hilarious humor with your fiction anyway. How long did it take to knit the socks?

    1. Thanks for the author recommendation. The name sounds familiar, so I wonder if maybe I have read some before...

      As for the socks, I am not sure what total time they took as I picked them up here and there in secret. I can say that I just finished the second pair, of which the second sock was knit in a 24 hour period - two sessions of about 45 minutes to an hour (to start and finish) and the rest was just knit a couple of rows at a time here and there throughout the day. Being worsted weight, they move along rapidly.