Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Acorn Reticule

Some of you may remember that on the last yarn along I joined in on, I shared a picture that looked very much like a brown knit baby hat.
Here it is - almost completed.  It's an acorn reticule.   Well, it's part of an acorn reticule.  It is still missing the handle/strap.  Pictured here is the back of it, laying flat.  The front has a zipper closure where the nut meets the cap.  Oh, I thought I was so so clever.  And I wondered why oh why could I not find and acorn reticule anywhere on the internet.  How does such a thing not already exist?  So I made the bottom and struggled with the top a couple of times (I'm still not too happy with it...it needs some modifications).  Then, today, just before writing this, I thought I would do one more quick search...and then it occurred to me - type in acorn bag and see what comes up.  Oh, loe and behold - it does exist.  Well, a few crocheted versions exist and something kind of like this but not really in a knit exists - with button closures.

I need to knit it up one more time to make it exactly what I want.  If I can get it right, I will share.  I think I might also reverse the colours so that the nut is lighter and the cap is darker.  Stay tuned.

Reading:  Last time I joined in, I believe I was just starting to read the "Conspiracy 365" series that my son wanted me to catch up on.  Well, I am done now.  All 12.  Good thing that being kids books, they only take about an hour to an hour and a half to read one.  I think I would recommend them for teens - in fact my almost 10 year old is starting them.  I did struggle with them as mistakes jumped out at me in almost all of the books.  Things like -he was walking as casualty as possible in stead of as casually as possible.  That kind of thing bothers me.  A lot!  And I found a few.  S either didn't notice or didn't care because he never mentioned any of them...but it is one of my biggest pet peeves in printed works.  The series does get a bit old  (granted I read them pretty much back to back - which I am guessing was not the intention) with the never ending "narrow escapes" but the boys are loving them...and I think it's good for them to see that not everybody has it so easy.  There is a wide variety of family dynamics.  The ending is a predictable (for an adult anyways), but like I said, the boys are both really enjoying them, and that is what matters, isn't it?

Another children's book I read in that time (I had to wait for S to finish one of them before he would let me pass him) was The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen.  This one I would definitely recommend.  It is sitting on N's bookshelf waiting for him.

Garden News:
The carrots are finally starting to be ready.  They are mostly pretty small, but they sure are tasty.  And I have saved the tops to try some more wool dyeing.  Carrot tops are supposed to give a great green.  Time will tell.  I can't start that project for at least a week.

In the kitchen:
Fall has definitely arrived!  We are having very brisk morning temperatures, and evenings are cool enough to have the oven on whenever we want.  I shared the recipe for these cookies over here.

I'll be joining in again with yarn along at small things on Wednesday.

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  1. Hey Natalie! Love your visits and feedback on my blog, really appreciate that : ) I love this acorn bag and look forward to seeing it all finished! As for those cookies yummmm, would love one of those right about now ; ) what lucky boys x