Monday, 2 April 2012


 We were able to harvest the tiniest bit of food from our garden this weekend.  We have used green onions (twice) and so far have had 6 asparagus stalks (wow...what bounty) and some sorrel.  Most of the asparagus I ate raw, as I am the only one that likes it in this I guess I am the only one mourning the loss of 4 of our asparagus plants.  Sorrel is new to me.  I planted it last year, but we had such a dry year that it didn't grow enough to take more than a leaf or two.  We have already had it on sandwiches a few times.  I only planted one last year, so I will plant a few more this year.  I love how early it comes up...way before any other greens are ready.
Weekends are also for thrifting...I am in desperate need of some new clothes.  I tried shopping in a conventional (big box) store.  Have I mentioned before that I truly detest clothes shopping?  You see, I must  be quite disproportionately built because nothing ever fits.  And quite truly, the other night when we were looking...I could hardly find anything that wasn't see through or so low cut you would have to wear multiple shirts.  I tried on a few things and realized that clothes today are meant for people who sit and look pretty and don't have to actually move.  So back to the thrift store for me..and in just under an hour I found 4 spring shirts, two cotton sweaters, and two large pieces of fabric big enough to make me a few new skirts and then some.  And look, my friends...there is colour (Those two on top are green, even though you can't tell because I had to take the pictures at night). And all for a whopping $25.00.  Woo hoo.

Weekends are also for baking 4 dozen cinnamon buns for the school bake picture as I know several of my readers are participating in lent activities and I don't want to tempt you too too much.

And, apparently, weekends are also for a particular little boy to walk downstairs wearing my black pants and asking "who's are these"?  and thinking he is quite hilarious.  Oh, my. 

What weekends are NOT for, yet...gardening.  After that one beautiful week we had that let me get out and trim some things and get two row covers out with seeds under them...we have not had another warmish day.  As I write this, we are back to -2(Celsius) with the wind chill.  

Hmm...definitely need to build myself a couple of cold frames.

Have a nice day.


  1. I hate shopping in a regular store for clothes too...almost to the point of loathing it. However, like you, I find some neat finds in the thrift store!! It must be the thrill of the hunt that keeps me going ha!

  2. I love the thrift store. I buy 95% of my clothes there. As for asparagus, I cut 10 little pieces the other night for dinner. Didn't get one of them. My daughter ate them all! Oh well.