Thursday, 12 April 2012

Some sharing

Last night was pottery night, so not much crafting happened at home, but we did get to open the kiln again...

This is one of my favourite pieces to come out of the kiln so far.  It is definitely in my top 5.  I will share some more from the kiln tomorrow...

For today, I wanted to show my raku piece...
Raku firing is done in an outdoor kiln, a few pieces at a time.  When the pieces come out, you stick them in a bucket with some sort of combustible material (our studio uses straw and newspaper), put a lid on it, wait 20 seconds, and then take the lid of to let the air in, and then put the lid back on and wait for it all to cool down.

  This is my first one from last night...

 It's black and shiny, with little crackles all over it...
 ...close up of the inside of the bowl...which was fine, until I saw this...
all shiny and coppery.  Same glaze as the inside...and it's only where you can't see it.  Grrr.  Oh well, next time I guess.

And the reason I am sharing this is...because today is stash bash (I think) over at Crunchy Catholic Momma
and my stash now looks like this:

One basket...half cotton, half wool.  That's it!  Keep in mind, I have been working on my own personal stash bash for 2 years, and this is only the knitting stash...not the fabric or anything else, but still...not bad, right?  Oh, and a little basket of acrylic for the boys to use, but it is buried in the back room we are wallpapering, so it doesn't even count, right?  Right!  I do still have plans for every piece in this basket, but nothing new to share today.


  1. That raku piece is amazing! I'm trying to keep my envy and awe in check here. (:

  2. Heavens, Natalie, that blossoming teacup is one of the most beautiful pieces of pottery I've ever seen! Anthropologie should buy your design from you and produce it! GORGEOUS! Your talents are so diverse!

  3. lovely, simply lovely!

    the awe is keeping the thoughts away!