Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Yarn along and some new growth

Keeping it super brief this morning so that I can get to the farmer's market...did you get that?  I am writing my yarn along on Wednesday for a change.

Oooh, sorry, my kitchen is dark in the morning, but I couldn't take the picture in the dining room where I usually do because N was eating his breakfast in there and this is a surprise for him.  Mr. N requested a new hat (for next fall) and this is the yarn I spun up for it.  The scarf from last week's yarn along is on hold until I can decide what to do with the darn thing (yesterday's post I think).  The book I picked up at the library last night but I haven't started it yet.  It is set in 1881 and one of the characters is Arthur Conan Doyle, but it is fiction.  I will let you know.

And now....look what is happening in my kitchen:
Now I just need to plant it up in some dirt.  Thank you very much to Tricia at Crunchy Catholic Momma for this one.  She has posted a bunch of garden things I have never heard in the last little while.  I just love her blog.

And in the dining room: 

A couple of new things was too small to even take the picture.  I would love to tell you what they are but in true Natalie style I forgot to label a gosh darn thing in my rush to get things planted.  These are to replace the seedlings that I tried to plant early outside under row covers.    Note to self...start them inside next year and then move them out.

And this morning my cat is very happy:
and I caught the boys eating their breakfast:
Where do they get this?  I think this is actually the first time I have caught N reading at breakfast...he is not usually the reader of the family but he loves the new book he is reading.  N is reading Cirque de Freak by Darren Shan and S is reading Eragon by Christopher Paolini.

Joining up with Yarn Along at small things


  1. Ohhh the yarn is pretty! (Handsome!). I was just saying yesterday I can't wait to start going to the Farmer's Market again. Yay for seedlings sprouting! Mine sprouted about 2 weeks ago and I was SO good by writing out my little markers of what each was. The other day I decided to peek at the peet pots (where I also marked what seeds were where) and the peet pots don't match up with the little tickets. So now I'll have to be surprised about what is what!

  2. Our farmer's market has been in full swing for two weeks now and I am thankful for all the people who shop there, thanks for supporting a farmer!
    Love seeing the photo of your babies reading at the table, we do the same thing here.

  3. Oh, I'm anxious to get to our farmers markets. Our local one starts in a month but the Boulder one is already open... I may have found my plans for Saturday. ;-)

    I love the last photo!

  4. I love Farmer's Markets, they are so fun! Pretty yarn, it will be gorgeous as a hat. I am so excited for spring gardening!

  5. Everything is starting to grow. I get excited every year as the seedlings start to appear. Farmer's Markets are so much fun. Beats supermarkets any day!