Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Yarn along

This is a test...
I have ordered some roving to make my son a hat.  It hasn't arrived yet, but before it gets here...and before I start spinning it, I thought it might behoove me to test out how the handspun knits up when it has many different colours in it.  So, I am using up the yarn I already made to make myself a new scarf for next winter (although if it was done already, I would be wearing it this but it is cold).

 It looks ok, but I need to learn how to make the colour carry through better instead of going through in bits and pieces.  I think the roving I ordered will help with that because it is handpainted and not all mixed up in a wide bat.  I can't wait until it gets here.
Close-up (obviously).

The book is Queen's Governess by Karen Harper.  I have read a few of her books.  They are a pretty good easy reading before bed or at lunch time kind of book.  The kind you read just for entertainment.  The thing about this one, which I like, is that it is written from Kat Ashley's point of view, before and during the time that she was the governess for Lady, and then Queen Elizabeth and all the ups and downs they went through, but from the "servant's" point of view instead of from a royalty point of view.  It's pretty good.

Now, I am off to see what all the lovely ladies are up to...linking up with small things for yarn along.


  1. I love the yarn and think it looks great! Cold? I wish it was cold here!
    Have a great yarn along day.

  2. very pretty yarn!


  3. Love the colors of your wool and your scarf looks great! Carrying color is difficult. And thanks for the mason jar cover--I really need some! I need to look for that book- it sounds interesting!

  4. A handpainted roving sounds exciting. I've only spun undyed fleece, but I can imagine that you can choose to merge the colours just as you want to.

  5. It is still a bit cold here too, I've been longing to put the winter clothes away but just can't. I like the yarn, is good to experiment and oh so fun!

  6. The yarn is gorgeous and I love that you are/will be using roving-so creative!