Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Yarn along

 Today, I am crocheting a strap for my latest project...I hope to be able to share the finished item on Friday, but it turns out...I pretty much suck at crochet (please excuse my language...I would give the boys trouble for saying that, but it pretty much sums it up here).  I have had to rip it out and start over multiple times and it is just single crochet back and forth and back and forth.  It makes my hands hurt...how do you all do it?  I thought the strap would be less stretchy crocheted instead of knitted, but it turns out I might have to line it with fabric.  I will have to see when I put the pieces all together.
And look what arrived in the mail today!  My jar cozy from Melissa at Wild Faerie Caps.  Aren't the colours fantastic!!!  And (you can't really tell in the picture but ) the colours really match the shawl the girl is wearing on the cover of my current read.

Speaking of which, the book is Tattycoram by Audrey Thomas.  Really good so far.  I had to give up on the book from last week...I had such high hopes for it but I kept having to reread sentences over and over and it was hard to keep straight.  It is going back to the library unread.  (Arthur Conan Doyle is a character in the book, he is a doctor, but there is also a detective in the book...hence the confusion.  I keep thinking of Arthur Conan Doyle as Sherlock Holmes...my own fault, not the author's, but still...it was frustrating.)

In other news, my Mother's Day present arrived today...so of course I opened it!  A full pound of white undyed roving.  So I get to spin, AND dye, AND knit.  How cool is that!
And (totally not my style) I did a test BEFORE using up my brand new roving.  Yep...I have finally learned to do a test run:

 Blue and Green Easter egg dye
Yellow and Orange Easter egg dye

And I learned that next time, I should separate the colours because moving it in and out of the microwave made the colours mingle too much...oh, the instructions are over here at Would you like yarn with that?.

I ended up with this:
The two colours still show up, but they are pretty blended.  Maybe I need to pick colours that are farther apart, or maybe break the yarn up into separate containers.  Anyways...I will try this again, because I think they came out pretty.  I am particularly fond of the orange (even though I should have followed my instinct and not poured in the yellow...it would have been much more creamsickle as orange and white...I will do that next time)

Joining up with Ginny at small things for yarn along tomorrow, because as usual I am writing this up on Tuesday night!


  1. The yarn still looks lovely! I never tried dying yet, but see that in my very near future! :)

  2. and I could say the same thing about knit!

    I find crochet bags and straps to be very stretchy, mostly, I think because of the yarn.... good luck!


  3. I think both yarns came out beautiful! I have never dyed yarn before and I find it fascinating :)

  4. You could try painting the yarn with concentrated colors. What I do is soak the yarn, lay it on plastic wrap, squirt/paint the colors on, gently massage color in, wrap up with plastic, steam over a pot of water for half an hour, let cool, rinse. Voila!

  5. Awesome dyeing! I will say, the only problem I have had with using two jars of dye is that there can be the white section between the two colors unless you mess around and coax color up the yarn. I'll say that I definitely learn something new every time I dye!

  6. Crochet is a huge challenge for me. I hate having to count and keep track of everything. I also mess up SC,DC,HDC.... it is all gobbledegook. Love the dyeing. I need to do tests, but I am always too impatient. Have fun with your gift.

  7. wow your yarn looks so pretty, i like the colors mingling. what a nice mothers day gift!