Friday, 30 March 2012


I am learning a new skill...spinning.  I have mentioned before that I absolutely love it.  It is on hold now until my package arrives as I have used up every single bit of roving that I had already purchased.
 I want to thank the lovely ladies from Fiber Arts Friday who left me all those helpful tips when I posted pictures of my first attempt.  All those little spirals from the overspun fiber are gone.  Yippee!

I even have a project in mind for this yarn.
Not exactly consistent, but good enough for me to have ordered roving to make yarn for a specific project.  I can't wait until it arrives...I will share when I get started...and for those who stopped by is blue and green!  Gasp!  I ordered colour all. by. myself!  (disclaimer:  the project is for N, ha ha ha).

Now I'm off to get some more inspiration from the uber talented ladies joining Fiber Arts Fridays at wisdom begins in wonder.


  1. Oh I dream of learning how to spin! Someday... Your yarn looks lovely!

  2. Nice job, lots of soft looking halo shimmering out of your yarn, very pretty!

  3. Nice spinning...looking forward to seeing what you will be spinning next.

  4. The yarn is lovely and will knit up beautifully. You will be surprised how beautiful it looks once used. Those parts you didn't like in the yarn just add additional beauty to the knitted good. It becomes a wonderful addiction where you start wanting to knit with your own handspun more than commercial yarn.

    Keep up the wonderful work.

  5. Wow! Your yarn is night and day. It's beautiful. Have fun knitting it up!