Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Yarn along...more or less.

It's Tuesday night, so I am writing my yarn along post to join up with Ginny at small things for Wednesday's yarn along.

These are the reasons that I have not gotten much knitting done.
1.   I have been making yarn instead of knitting with it.
2.   The other distraction is the little (and not so little) fabric peg doll gnomes that I introduced on yesterday's post (sneak peak pattern give-away for the peg dolls over here).  I may have gotten carried away with them.  Please excuse the photo...as I said, it is Tuesday night.  There are much better photos of the peg dolls on the link above.

On the reading front...the Upper Canadian Furniture book is out because I think my husband needs to make me this:
...the swift on the right.  I could make it myself but it is gardening season so if I make it, it will be in the fall, and he is looking for a project, and Mother's day will be here before you know it, and I wonder if any of this will convince him :)

The fiction book is "The Outlaws of Ennor" set in the early 1300's.  When I was a few pages in, I realized I have read this book before, but for the life of me I cannot remember much else about it, other than the fact that I have read it before.  It is a very weird feeling.
Plus, not much reading was going on lately because I had a serious problem my brother introduced me to "Jericho" on Netflix and in 2 weeks I watched the entire 30 episodes and may or may not have watched 4 (43 minute) episodes in one sitting.  Yikes!  I loved it, but it totally took over my mind.  I was thinking about it all the time, and I just couldn't wait until evening to watch the next episode (and I have to admit that once I actually went up and watched an episode before making dinner).  I was completely obsessed with it and that has never happened to me before.  I'm almost glad it is all over so I can move on.

Now the kids are off to bed, so I am going to settle in with my book.  And hopefully, for next week's yarn along, I will have something more to share since I now have SIX "current" knitting projects on the go...a new maximum for me, which is leaving me completely overwhelmed...and is probably the reason I am doing everything BUT knitting.


  1. oh your little peg dolls are so cute! And I too am asking my hubby to make me a swift....those look very interesting.....might need to check out that book!!

  2. I love those old yarn winders- I have an antique one of my own that I picked up some day!
    Your peg dolls are cute- and as to the making of yarn, that is totally legit for a YARN along ;)

  3. Your yarn looks lovely, spinning is definately next on my list of things to learn. LOVE LOVE the peg dolls, and I think the feeling is shared by my 6 year old!

  4. Hey, I think making yarn is a perfect excuse for not knitting!

  5. What is this Jerico that you speak of :) LOL. I may investigate!
    Atleast you still managed to blog, so priorities are still straight!

  6. Those little peg dolls are so cute! My kids would love them!

  7. making yarn is way more cool than knitting with it - or at least it would be at my house since I can't do one and am not that great with the other!

    Jericho? what is that? sounds like something that I would love to get!


    1. Jericho is a series (30 episodes in total) that ran on TV a few years back. I was watching it on NetFlix. It is about a town in the American midwest that is in a radiation free zone after 23 American cities get bombed with nuclear bombs. The show deals with the aftermath (and they include some of the "before the bombs" too). Addictive. Makes me want to stock my cellar though...and maybe build a bunker.

  8. I need one of those swifts too. Maybe I could get the book for Father's Day. The Jericho series sounds my kind of program. Not sure I dare look.

  9. Um I think making yarn totally counts!!
    Lovely and those little gnomes are too cute.

  10. Now that's what I call a furniture book! Hurray for Canadian furniture. I love a good historical novel. I will have to look for this one at our library.