Monday, 19 March 2012

An introduction - Gnome people

I would like you to meet the new family on the block...

From left to right, we have:  Spring Blossom, Stormy Skies (my favourite - although S thinks it is Gandalf), Winter, Poppy, and Sprout (my other favourite).  Poppy needs a new hat but I accidentally used up the last of the red making her a medium sized hat and it doesn't fit her head, since her head is size large.

Avert your eyes, children, I am going to show you what is under their clothes...
I made some "peg dolls" using an old skirt (the same skirt I used to make my lunch bag).  I thought it would be cute to have a whole bunch of spring gnomes coming up with the flowers, but then I ended up making them in strange colours.  I guess I will have to make some more.  They are about 7", just under 6" and 3.5" tall without their hats on.
They are fun to make, kind of addictive actually.  I am going to have the pattern up on my etsy shop by the end of the weekend, but I thought that a lucky winner or two could win a sneak peak.  If you would like to win a pattern, just leave a comment and I will draw some winners on Monday, March 26.  I'm not sure how many yet, but at least 2.

Incidentally, the winner of last week's give-away was Debbie from no spring chicken.  (Debbie, I left a comment on your blog yesterday, but in case it slipped by...can you "conversation me" at my etsy shop with your email address so that I can get the pattern to you).

...and since I am introducing people...I thought you might like to finally meet my minions:
We were finally able to get the last of the files off our old computer (and I use the term we loosely, because I don't think my repeated requests for the files was actually considered "helpful").  This was labelled 2005-2006, so they don't look like this any more, but it is a picture I am willing to share.  N is on the left, S on the right.  I love little ones straight from the tub in their nice comfy pyjamas.

You are welcome to pin anything from my blog except this photo.  I am neurotic enough as it is, so this is a huge leap of faith on my part.  If you know me well...I hope someone will help you back up since you probably just fell off your chair.
Have a lovely day!

I'll be joining frontier dreams for Keep Calm, Craft On.  Won't you come join us?
And...since all the "stuff" was in my stash, I will be linking up with Crunchy Catholic Momma for the Stash Bash again this week.  Are you Stash-bashing?

Oh, I almost forgot...for those "crafting on-ers" who asked me to show the Green Man mug when it was done...fresh from the kiln:


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the finished Green Man. What a great shade of Green he is too. And I'd love a chance to win your pattern - I would love to make some :-)

  2. I love the mug, it looks great! Thank you for showing us the finished project!

    Your boys are seriously adorable! :)

    I'd love to win the pattern, those gnomes are so sweet!

  3. Wonderful mug!!! Adorable gnomes!!!!

  4. Your minions are very cute :) And the 'peg' dolls are very, very clever!
    And wow on the mug! That is very cool!

  5. love the dolls - both peg and human!

    you are a very talented lady


  6. What a great idea. They make a wonderful alternative to the wooden peg dolls I use. I'd love chance to win.

    Your Green Man mug is amazing.

  7. Love those little peg gnomes! So sweet! Would love a chance to win the pattern! :) I painted some peg people for my kids, but think these would be just as fun to make and play with!

  8. Ooo, I like that they're soft and not just clunky hard wooden peg dolls. As much as I always like wooden things, my daughter much prefers the soft and squishy. Great idea!

  9. Oh for cute! Those little gnomes are so great! And your green man mug is beyond awesome! (Stopping by from CCM's linky!)

  10. The little Gnomes are adorable. I can see making those around Christmas time and making them a kids nativity of sorts.

  11. Wow what fantastic projects! i love the gnomes they look fantastic!

  12. These are great! Especially love the dolls!

  13. Natalie, what wonders you have been up to while I've been sort-of blog fasting! Those Incredibles shirts are, well, incredible! Dear sweet boys, but I totally understand and share your reluctance to post your children...

    And the gorgeous acorn pottery! So very beautiful!

    Thank you for the versatile blogger award! I know I am a zillion weeks behind, but is it too late to accept? I've never won a blog award! Yippee!