Monday, 12 March 2012

Look what I found!

I took the boys to my mom's house today for a March Break visit...on my way to the car, I found this in front of our living room window...
...and these... I took a little detour, and checked out the peach tree...
 ...and these tulips coming up in the currant patch...
 ...and the first of my herbs - chives.
I don't ever ever remember things starting this early in March.  Hopefully nothing drastic happens now.  My mom has rhubarb peeking up in her garden, but I went to check mine, and sadly...nothing in site.  What is coming up in your garden?

P.S.  The squirrels planted those crocus bulbs.  Wasn't that kind of them?


  1. love surprises like these!
    thanks for sharing them

  2. We are in full season here in the deep south, especially as winter was non exsisted! Love your flowers.