Monday, 26 March 2012


I am posting later than usual today...but...better late than never.

I do have a lot to share today.
First...a shop update...the fabric peg doll sewing pattern is now available over on my etsy shop.
They came out to join me for my walkabout tour of the garden this weekend.

The winners for the peg doll pattern give-away are:
1.  Rachel Proffitt (I am unable to leave a comment, or even get to your site from your comment so I hope you see this...I know I have seen your picture several times before...maybe from yarn along?? - I am sure I will find you somehow).
2.  Steph @ HCC (Honor Crowned Crafts).
Please be sure to "conversation me" with your email address so that I can get the pattern to you...and thanks for participating.  The winners were chosen by rolling a 20-sided die, in case you are wondering :)

And a garden update:
 The rhubarb did decide to come back!
 Wild blackberries that I dug up from the overgrowth behind where I work and transplanted in my yard last year...coming back beautifully...much farther ahead than the domestic blackberries I have in my yard.
 Radish sprouts,
 Lettuce sprouts,
 Pea sprouts,
 ...even the pussy willow branches I stuck in the ground as a divider between different kinds of peas have sprouted leaves!  I wonder if I will be able to get them to set roots?
Peach blossoms.

The problem is...these were taken on the weekend after several (unusually) warm days. I'm talking 25 degrees (Celsius).  Today, we are back down to 0 degrees (Celsius) and I forgot to put the row covers on when the temperature dropped...learning's my first time planting this early.   We will see what happens!  All of the herbs are coming along nicely, though.  Some are ready to harvest.

In fact...we were able to harvest some green onions to put in our dinner the other night.

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