Thursday, 22 March 2012


A little while back, I asked for some feedback on my etsy shop.  The general consensus was that I needed to add some colour to the photos.  So the other day, I was trying to take some photos and I was looking all around my house for something colourful I could use as a backdrop.  I-could-not-find-a-thing!

So, I am challenging myself.  Thursdays will (hopefully) now be a colour post instead of Three things on Thursdays, in an effort to find colour in our every day lives.  This week I am starting off with yellow (because the flowers are in bloom - kinda cheating, but there you go).

Note: I accidentally forgot my camera at work, so I had to borrow my son's.  I had no idea how to change the settings, so the indoor shots are quite terrible...please excuse, but at least I found some colour.

 The flowers are almost exactly one month ahead of schedule from the last 2 years.  Last year and the year before, I had to force the forsythia indoors to have blooms for the art show at the children's school on Earth Day (April 22) and the tulips and daffodils were just starting.  This year, I found the first daffodil on the 17th.
 Lucky for me that bee's wax is yellow!
 A little left over bit of yellow cotton yarn.  The funny thing is, I don't know what I made with the missing part.
 Woo woo, lemons are yellow...
 ...and so is this pepper I got at the market yesterday.  One of the farmers at the market has multiple greenhouses so we get fresh produce all winter long.  I close my eyes to how much energy it would require to keep the greenhouses running all winter, but one does get tired of root vegetables.

I wonder...what colour should I look for next week?


  1. I love your color idea! I'm taking a photography class (oh, so beginner!) now, and I'm finding that the most important part seems to be the ability to "see" your shot--so easy to look at something, but to really "SEE" it is something entirely different--the angles the size the lighting--SO MUCH!!! Good luck to you! I'll be anxious to SEE your colors!!!!!

  2. Your beautiful necklace arrived yesterday! I had to fight my boys for it - everyone is absolutely smitten! (:

    Thank you thank you thank you! I feel very lucky to have such a lovely piece of your work in my home.

  3. Such a great idea! I am partial to purple - purple peppers and carrots in the summer are some of the "treat vegetables" that my kids like to eat :-) I am now following you, I hope you will follow me back!

  4. Lots of prettiness! Yellow is so good.
    Happy bright spring days to you!