Tuesday, 10 February 2015

lots and lots of beads...

This past summer, I met an artist who makes beautiful lino etched prints and cards.  She asked me if I would be willing to make some beads for her to attach to her greeting cards, as a gift to her customers.
And of course, I'm always up for a challenge...

This is her business card, (note the tiny martini glass in the corners)
and this is her logo.

I wanted to make something inspired by her logo and brand, but not exactly matching it.
The process started with making some stamps.  These were some of our favourites.
Then I made some beads and sent her a variety of samples to choose from.
The big flower in the middle of the top row was the winner for the flower beads.

 Some were more successful than others.
 And somehow I only took pictures of a few.

She chose some, with some modifications, and I got to work.
 punching holes...
 bisque firing...
waxing...  This picture was taken after the bisque firing.  The beads were each hand painted with underglaze, then waxed and glazed in clear.

Unfortunately at this point I stopped taking pictures.  I guess I figured people were bored of seeing pictures of unfinished beads.  I even forgot to take pictures before sending off the finished product.  A total of 700 beads in 3 different styles.  Lesson learned!  Even when exhausted...take pictures!

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  1. Lucky you have SOME pictures of these pretty beads!
    It happens to me all the time - especially with gifts for friends I forget to take pictures. I didn't take a single picture of Christmas presents or Birthday presents of last year. All hand made. And they would make such a nice change inbetween all those dolls ;-)

  2. They looks so cute, glad you had some pictures to share as they look fabulous
    Clare x