Thursday, 26 February 2015

Cookie stamps

Some time back in the fall, I thought it would be nice to come up with a series of cookie stamps in time for the pre-Christmas craft shows I had signed up for.
It's something I had been mulling over for a while, but wasn't sure if it would work out as well in real life as I pictured in my head (you get what I'm talking about, right?)

 I carved up a few of them as a test run and since my own sample worked well, I made a total of 24.

In Novvember, the Christmas and winter themed ones were a big hit.

As for how well they work, this is the one I used as my guinea pig.  It is loosely based on the maker's mark I put on all of my pottery.
Pictured above is the raw cookie dough, stamped...
 And these are baked.  I used a shortbread cookie dough as I was pretty sure they would hold up without losing all of the detail.  They were delicious by the way.  Cookies are my one weekness. (hahaha.  I've been watching Lark Rise to Candleford on the internet)

I made one for a friend with her business logo on it.  I had grande schemes to make a huge batch of cookies with my maker's mark on them to take as a give away at an upcoming show, but as I've never participated in it before, and don't know how many people to expect, I'm not jumping into the deep end straight away.  I do think they would make for a great promotion, though...

And for all of my fiber friends...
Ta-Da!  I have to test this yet, as it has finer lines than any of the others, but if it cute is that?  I'm thinking, though, that the whole stamp may have to be the ball of yarn so that the lines show up better.  

Drop me a little message if you are interested...I can do custom designs if they are not too fussy.
Oooh, like a monogram for a wedding! Or a birthday party, or a business launch.

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  1. OK, now I am really in love! This is the best idea ever. I love all of them. I could make the best ever Christmas shortbread with these gorgeous stamps. You are amazing! And I absolutely love Lark Rise To Candleford.

  2. Ok, just read on Frontier Dreams that you are offering a discount. Maybe this is a sign that I should order something?! Do you post to Australia or would that be too difficult, not worth your while? Just say no if is too much bother. Thanks.

    1. I would love to ship something to you in Australia. The buttons and pendants are already listed for international shipping. Any of the other pieces CAN be shipped internationally but may be cost prohibitive. Leave me a conversation with any of the pieces you are interested in and I will find out how much it will cost. Thanks so much for the interest!

  3. Oh these are just beautiful!! And the knitters special is too cute :-) :-)

  4. I love these stamps. I think they are extra special because they are handmade.

  5. I love these stamps. I think they are extra special because they are handmade.

  6. Fantastical!! I adore them!