Thursday, 19 February 2015

From the kiln, February

Here are the goodies from the latest kiln load...

 A couple of yarn bowls in red clay.  Yarn bowls that double as candle bowls.
 I really enjoy red clay for some things (like yarn bowls).  I will be doing more work with it in the coming months.  
 A yarn bowl that you can rest your whole project in...well, a little project anyways.

This one did not pass quality control as it has the tiniest crack in it.  You can see it in the back right corner of the picture.  Good news for me as I still didn't have a small yarn bowl - so I'm keeping it.

A handful of other new yarn bowls found their way to our local yarn store which is giving them a test run.  Fingers crossed that they (and their customers) like them!

The batch of soap dishes for my customer in Toronto was finally finished and ready to mail off.  She wants these for the line of hand made soaps she carries...the soaps last so much longer being elevated out of the water.  My personal favourite from this batch is the second from the right on the bottom row.
And the white one in the middle row.  OK, and the grey and white rectangle...

 One little set of buttons went through this last kiln load.  Just. One. Set.

 These two went through the kiln at the college and came out just fine and dandy if I do say so myself.  As much as I preferred the juniper buttons to the cedar ones I actually prefer the cedar serving dish to the juniper one.  I think it may be the brown stem.  Thoughts?

And lastly, a large grass bowl to go with the little prep bowls and the mug and tea bowl.  I'm hoping to have a rather large selection of the grass bowls/mugs, etc for the first round of spring shows in April.

The problem is I have so many "lines" I want to have ready for April that I'm only sending one or two of each through each kiln load.  I've got to squeeze in some time to ramp up productivity.

Shameless plug:  most of these items are already listed over on my etsy shop if you would like to have a peek or two.


  1. lovely ceramics!!!! I need to remember not only your yarn bowls, but those great buttons for the next time I need special ones!!!

  2. Very nice all those ceramics!

    Lluisa xoxo

  3. Your pottery is beautiful. I really like the serving dishes with the evergreen imprint; lovely. I'll have to check out your shop. The buttons are super cute too. Have a great day, Heather

  4. They are all so beautiful, such a talent you have
    Clare x

  5. Such pretty bowls. I will check out your Etsy shop. Always love hand made buttons, too.

  6. Oh my... I so love everything you make. But today I'm SWOONING over your delightful cedar dish. It's Sooooooooo beautiful.
    xo Donni

  7. Wow! I so love your work. I wish I could get everything! My favourite soap dish is the brown flower shape with the spiral. And I so love the yarn bowl with the crack in it - what a shame you had to keep it!!

  8. I love all of it - so many beautiful things you make!
    Yes, I like the cedar serving dish best, too - the stem and the slight uneven surface around the 'base' of the stem make it so full of life and creates a nice tension with the smooth and tender 'top'. Magical!

  9. Oh, those serving dishes are to die for! What a beautiful design.