Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Fiber Arts Roundup

I've been so busy making things I haven't had time to share pictures in a little while, so here's a bit of a roundup of some projects I've been working on.

A friend of mine is having a sock monkey themed baby shower for her daughter, so a sock monkey was in order.  I used this tutorial over here since I've never made one before.   Note:  if you are going to try this, get a decently thick pair of socks.  I bought these because they were long and stripey, but they were really quite thin to work with.
She also sent me a picture of some really cute sock monkey slippers that she wanted me to make, but they were crocheted.  I kind of cobbled together a pair of knit slippers using the seamless baby booties pattern as a base and then just added the mouth, eyes and ears.  If I remember correctly, I added extra length to the leg portion of the slippers so I could roll it over like in the picture.

I also finished Diana's hat from Green Gables Knits by Joanna Johnson (of Phoebe's sweater).  I was definitely going to run out of the dark blue so I started adding in stripes of light blue in the decrease section to finish it off.  I love this view of it.
This is how it is meant to be worn...high up on the forehead and all slouchy,
but in all honesty, this is probably how I will wear it...
(very difficult to take a picture of oneself, no?).

When I was blocking it, according to the directions, I noticed a very obvious mistake I made in about the 9th row from the beginning.  I think I will cover it up with one of my big buttons.  I might just knit up another one with a pink (gasp) ball of yarn I bought for another project that won't be happening now.

I also finished up the striped scarf for N, which was supposed to be stashed away for his stocking next year, but it has been so bitter cold that I already gave it to him.  How could I not, when he was tearing the place apart looking for a scarf he could use?

I am much happier with it now that the edging has been added.  It is super thick, and super warm, and he has been wearing it to school and back (but not AT school, since scarves are banned).

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  1. You have been busy crafting! All your projects look really good.

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  3. Love everything! I have looked at the Green Gable Knits to buy so many times and resisted! You are very clever, making those sock monkey slippers - they are too cute.

  4. You have been very busy! Puts me to shame since I have little to show lately. I love the scarf. Our school doesn't allow bandanas since they are "gang" related items. My daughter had on a dressy scarf that was blue and was told to remove it because it was "gang" style. Huh? It was fringed and beaded! Cause I guess gangs are now all about the bling? LOL

    1. Now that you mention it, I remember that from a few years ago here. Bandanas were banned for all those except cancer patients. The scarves are banned for safety reasons.

  5. Love the scarf, and the booties are gorgeous.

  6. I adore those sock money booties. I would wear the hat the same way. The older I get the more I get into warmth instead of fashion!

  7. Darling sock monkey. Love your stripes! I find them hard to do, so kudos to you!

  8. Goodness, you've been busy! I love the sock monkey!

  9. I adore all of your projects! LOVE the sock monkey theme. Your hat is super sassy.