Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Knitting in Progress...

I have a couple of projects on the needles right now.  I'm promising myself to finish these two before I cast on anything new.
 Over Christmas holidays, I was working on this lace edging for a shawl I want to make.  I thought it was done, but then when I went to pick up the stitches to work on the shawl, I realized it was too short (and that it wouldn't work the way I hoped).  I have "unbound-off" the last row and am adding a handful more repeats of the lace pattern.
 It's actually a pillowcase lace edging, but I'm doing it in a worsted weight cotton instead.
The whole project fits in my new yarn bowl (with a bulk size ball of grey yarn underneath, no less).  I worked on this last night with the yarn bowl on the floor and the cat ignored the whole thing completely.  Success!
 And this.  This one has be a little disheartened.  I'm not liking the  colour scheme nearly as much as when I started...
 ...but I keep plugging away at it.  I'm hoping the black binding that will go around the edges will tie the whole thing together nicely.  And it's such slow going since it is "secret" knitting that can only be worked on at night...after a certain someone goes to bed...which is not nearly as early as it used to be a few years ago.
I do quite like it like this, so there is still hope.

I have finished reading Rainbow Valley by L. M. Montgomery and am currently reading Rilla of Ingleside, books 7 and 8 of the Anne of Green Gables Series.  For all these years, I never even knew there was a book 7 and 8.  Book 8 is set at the beginning of World War I, so it's not quite as light a read as the others.  I'm just at the beginning so I'm interested to see how it goes.

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  1. I really like the color scheme. Even if you're not too fond of it anymore, do you think the recipient will like it? I guess that's the most important thing.

  2. I think the colors are blending well together. I love your yarn bowl too.

  3. I actually like your colorful scarf. Your yarn bowl is beautiful as is the lace edging that you are making.

  4. The lace work is very pretty, Anne of green gables was one of my favourite childhood reads, I planning to re read them this year.
    Clare x

  5. Beautiful lace work. I adore Anne with an e - I really should read them again.

  6. I think the colours are great - it's not a usual combo, but I think they work together well. And you lace is beautiful.

  7. Unbinding-off is sooooo hard! I love your ceramics :)

  8. I love the yarn bowl! And the lace pattern is so pretty :-) I love knitting lace...although it takes me forever to make anything of it!

  9. I love the yarn bowl-One of those are in my wish list! Lovely knitting projects :)