Friday, 1 November 2013

Another Pottery Update

I'm practicing taking better "photo shoot" style pictures, rather than just point and click.
Of course, sometimes point and click is all I can manage if there's a whole bunch...
 ...or for details.

 And I'm still playing with texture, and seeing what the studio glazes do.
 This one is called deep scarlet.  I quite like it...but not if you are looking for deep scarlet.
 Hence, the experimenting.
 I took all these pictures to put the items up in my etsy shop, but I am seriously debating whether I shouldn't just close up shop for a little while.  I have a few small shows in the next couple months, plus I have some of my pottery in a store, so sometimes I forget to check etsy.  Plus right now it's only tiny things because the large pieces are so ridiculously expensive to ship that they aren't worth listing.  I'm thinking for a while, I might just post the pictures on my facebook page for pottery, and here.
 The pitcher I showed weeks ago came out of the reduction kiln this week.
 It's a little strange, but I like it better and better each time I see it.
 And lots of vases came out in time for the show I have in November.
 This is most of my "haul" from last night.  A few that dripped onto the kiln shelf and have to be ground down.  And I got the bottom half of a butter dish (the top half didn't go through with it - not sure what happened there).  And a few plates that got relocated to the "plate stack" before I took this picture.

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