Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Handmade Holidays: slippers #1

I hadn't planned on knitting any slippers this year for Winter Solstice/ Christmas, but both boys surprised me by requesting some.  N asked for tall slippers like the ones I made last year, but I don't have an extra felted wool sweater to cut, so I made these instead:
For this year, sizing is pretty easy, since both boys' feet are almost exactly the same size as mine.
Next year...who knows.
I have a feeling these will be called "Nanaimo bar slippers".
They are knit flat and then seamed, an easy process and they have been knit for a week or so but I couldn't find some sneaky time to seam them up.  I just finished last night.  For all you experiences knitters out there - I am sure you can tell these were done in acrylic.  *Gasp*.  There's a reason for that...N is notorious for throwing his handknits in the laundry bin along with everything else even though we have a bag for woolens. 

I first came across the image over on this Pinterest pin but it took some serious tracking down to find the actual pattern.  Here is the link to the free pattern by way of The Seamen's Church Institute.
Just a note: the picture on the pattern doesn't look a whole lot like these, but they do take shape once you put them on your feet.

Happy handmade holiday making to you...

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  1. They look great, love the name!
    Thanks for sharing the link. We are going to watch the eldest play hockey on sunday and I need something to work on for the journey, these will be perfect.

  2. They look really cosy. More like boots, than socks or slippers. Going to bookmark the pattern.

  3. These are a whole lot of fun.

    I'm not judging the use of acrylic.... slippers for boys sounds like a good use for acrylic. ;-)

  4. I do love these slippers. Every time I see photos of them I want to knit them.

  5. Loved it :D
    Thanks for sharing the pattern link :)
    But could you tell me the size of the slipper?

    1. Miada - There was no size listed on the pattern. I took the pictures with the slippers on my feet (size 7.5), but they will fit my son who wears about a boys size 5. They stretch quite a bit. If you want them much bigger than that, I would go to a thicker yarn and larger needles.
      Good luck.