Monday, 11 November 2013

Craft show prep - photo blocks

When I do a craft show, if I don't have the space to display one of these vases with flowers in it:
like this:
then people always ask me what it's for (especially if it is the last one left on the table).

So, in preparation for the next show (which is in a mere 5 days), I made this little picture block to display on the table in case I am busy with another customer...
and because I thought it would look a little strange all by itself, I made a few more:
They were super quick and easy.

I just printed off a few colour photos onto plain white printer paper, and laid them out on some scraps of MDF leftover from a project at my parents house.
I marked the approximate places to cut the boards, gave them a quick coat of craft paint,
 then a coat of Modge Podge.
 I added the picture while the Modge Podge was still wet, rubbing out all the air bubbles with my finger.
 And then top coated it with another layer of Modge Podge.
Easy Peasy, and they will start to fill in little gaps when things (hopefully) sell from the table.

I think this little idea would be so flexible for all kinds of craft booths, and they will also serve as a reminder of what I need to make again...I often forget to take pictures of my items before I sell them.

And unrelated, the biggest bowl I have made so far.  It's a 5 pounder - wheel thrown.  Not too shabby, I think, since I'm usually a hand builder.

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