Friday, 25 October 2013

The big muffin.

Quick post today.  
I love giving baked goods for the holidays, but sometimes people have had enough cookies and fruit loaves.
Enter - the big muffin.
 If you have a pottery cereal bowl, it is the perfect size to bake "the big muffin" in.  Most pottery bowls are oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe.
The "big muffin" serves 4 comfortably, depending on the recipe and how full you fill the bowl. For comparison, the muffin on the right is from my largest muffin tin. I usually just do one at the same time as a batch of regular muffins - 24 mini muffins plus one giant muffin = a standard recipe for 12 muffins, or make one giant muffin and 6 to 8 regular muffins.

Toss it in a basket with a little homegrown tea, a mug, and a few pieces of fruit and you have a great gift for a hostess, teacher, neighbour, friend.  Or just simply put one into a cellophane bag and tie it closed with a ribbon and tag.  You could also gift it right in the bowl.

I'm testing out a few flavours that work for "the big muffin".  You want to pick a recipe that makes a rather moist muffin as the extra baking time can dry out some varieties.  Spiced oatmeal did not work very well.  Pina colada was delightful, blueberry cream was pretty good, and we haven't busted open the bran chocolate chunk but that's the one in the picture.

Happy baking, my friends.


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