Monday, 7 October 2013

Hand Made Holidays - with a guest

I was planning on starting my Handmade holidays series this week, but last night, I simply ran out of time to get my first project finished up (darn drying time).  This morning, I open my email to find a lovely project all laid out for me by my dear sister.  She even wrote it for, Handmade Holidays starts today after all.  Thank you, A.

Story stones:

Find flat stones in various shapes and sizes.  Soak in warm soapy water to clean, rinse, let dry.
Decide what image to paint on each, using the stone's shape for inspiration and selecting a variety of images that can be commonly used in a child's story

Pencil, Acrylic paints, paintbrushes, water, mixing palette, toothpicks (for very fine details), fine tip permanent marker (for outlines). This pack of acrylic paint tubes is from Dollarama and was perfect. Saved us buying a ton of bottles just for this little project.

Draw outline of image with a pencil

Paint the images and outline with marker

Next we'll make a carrying pouch from some old denim and a ribbon to tie it up.

Now from me:  I love the little bird the best, personally - and the balloon.  I happen to know who this gift is intended for, and I think so many of the little images are just perfect for that individual.  That's the beauty of this can customize it for anyone on your list...and you can add to it if they discover something is missing as they play.  So perfect.

So, what are you working on for the holidays?

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  1. This stone art is just great and the buttons in your etsy shop are wonderful too!