Thursday, 3 October 2013

Back to knitting after a long long break

My new hat.  I finished it last night, just in time to wear it this morning.  It fits over my big hair clip perfectly. 
This is my first knitting project since about March of last year.  I was giving my poor hands a break.  When I was ready to cast on, I was going through my yarn basket and my hand touched the absolutely softest yarn I have ever felt.  It was coiled up, not in a ball, and I couldn't remember buying it.  Had no idea where it was from...and then it dawned on me...I spun it myself (woot woot) from the most delightful fiber from Andrea at Wonder Why Alpaca Farm ...maybe a year and a half ago.
It's soft, and luscious and if you look closely, there are just the tiniest flecks of pink and green in it.  The emerald green is the very last bit left over from N's "blue eyes" hat.  Incidentally, N saw me taking the first picture and was all "what are you doing with my new hat"?!?  Ha ha, that boy sure loves his alpaca.  I have promised S a new hat next (you know, being all grown up and in high school and all, he needs a PLAIN hat), and then I will spin my newest alpaca fiber to make N a new hat since he wants one so badly.

And, of course it's hard to let a post go by without a pottery picture so here you go:  to celebrate fall...of course by the time it is finished (it is taking forever to dry), we will be into winter.  Oh will still be lovely.

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  1. I like your hat, but I love your pottery. So pretty and I wonder what colour it will be.

  2. Your hat is gorgeous! Love the plate too.

  3. ooooh, the hat is wonderful! I love adding the darker green stripes with it. I do love the feel of that blend and the soft halo. Your pottery is gorgeous! Glad to see you blogging again.

  4. Oh wow, the leaf decorations are fabulous! I like the hat too :)

  5. Lovely hat, I can almost feel the softness. Why the pottery is perfect for Christmas :)

  6. That hat is so fun! And that pottery is amazing!