Thursday, 23 May 2013

Shop Update - the buttons are listed!

Months ago, I posted a picture of some in-the-works pottery buttons and I said I would share the pictures when they came out of the kiln.  Well, I hadn't gotten around to it until, without further ado...the first batch of buttons:
The top ones are jumbo, over-sized buttons (1 3/4" roughly), and all of the ones below are around 7/8" to 1".  I have finally gotten around to listing my first batch of buttons over in  my etsy shop.  Feel free to go on over and have a look.

I love the process of making these...kind of feeds my OCD-like tendencies.  Now, I'm just wondering what people will think of them, and whether I can justify making some more.

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  1. I think they are lovely, sort of antique looking!

  2. Those buttons are gorgeous! Can they be soaked in water at all (for hand washing?) I'd love to buy a few!

  3. Medha: Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the buttons can be soaked in water. All my pottery is dishwasher safe, so handwashing
    would not be an issue at all. Sorry about leaving out that tidbit of information...I put it on my etsy site, but forgot to add it here.

  4. Pretty buttons, I google +'d this.

  5. I love them! I really need to knit another just to have a reason to buy some of these buttons!

  6. These are absolutely beautiful. I must knit something to use these!!