Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Another, lighter sign

If you saw my post yesterday, I made a sign for upcoming craft know - to make my booth look at least a little bit the same from show to show.  I decided I needed a lighter one too - a sign that can be attached to my tablecloth or even hung on a wall behind my booth (ahh, the magic of duct tape).  I still need to iron it, obviously.

I put a piece of fabric on top of yesterday's sign and traced out the wording with a pencil.  Then I used a permanent marker to fill in the lettering.  ***I wanted to test out if I'm going to like this in my set up before investing the time to stitch one or quilt one - in hindsight, though, I don't know if the permanent marker will last or if it will just eat through the fabric***
I didn't have any interfacing, or quilt batting on hand...but I did have some felt.  Two layers are sandwiched in between the front and back of the sign.
I pinned the front and sewed it on alone so that I could make sure the writing was straight and centered.  Then I folded the edges of the back piece down and sewed in the groove to attach it on after.

It thought about adding grommets, or ribbons on the back for hanging it, but I decided not to add anything at all for attaching as I will probably be safety pinning it to my tablecloth.

The scraps I used (I cut up an old curtain liner) just happen to be almost the same colour as the paint on the wooden sign so I will be comfortable using both together or alternating them out depending on the situation.  Cost for sign #2:  also $0.00 - it's built of leftovers.

Do any of you do craft shows or have a market stall?  I'm wondering how other people display their brand.  Feel free to leave a link in the comments if you have one you would like to share.

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