Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Around the "farm"

The first harvest.  Oh how I love spring and the new flavours that come out one after the other.
 Crossing my fingers and hoping that we don't get a repeat performance of last year's tree fruit disaster.
 Admiring these tiny little daffodils that a creature planted for me.  I didn't think that squirrels usually messed with daffodils, but I have two little clumps of these tiny guys that I didn't plant...and I know it is squirrels I have to thank for the red tulips I didn't plant that they bring me year after year.
The boys have painted me some red rocks to mimic strawberries.  They are spread around our strawberry patch in the hopes that the birds will learn that "those red things aren't food".  Aaah, pinterest!  Here is the pin I found if you want to follow the links.
Stringing mini pom poms onto quilting thread.  It's for part of a backdrop at somebody's upcoming graduation.  There will be lots of posts on that coming in the next couple of months as yours truly is the decoration committee (that's code for "I get to do things my way").
...and playing around with some display ideas for my next craft show.  Here's a link
to information about the show and here is a link for their facebook page with last years' pictures.

What's happening around your "farm"?


  1. Wow, already getting goodies to eat from the garden. I like the red pebble/strawberry idea, do you think it will work?
    Your pottery looks wonderful. Good luck with your next craft show.

  2. I really hope it works. We lost a number of strawberries to the birds last year. We figured it was worth a try since we had everything on hand to do it. I'll post results once we decide.