Thursday, 9 May 2013

Elementary school art show

For the past 4 years, the school has hosted an art show where all of the projects are made of recycled/repurposed/waste materials.  This year, it was a tight squeeze getting things done in time with the teacher's "work to rule" but it did happen after all.  I thought I would share some of the favourites.

First, some of the class projects:

 The grade 2 class made this wooden sculpture from scrap wood.  Each student took a turn attaching a piece at a time until it was finished.  From one side, it looked like a castle, from one side - a treehouse, and from one side - a sailboat. 
The kindergarten class contributed this wall art - it's made of some of their old art work, construction paper scraps from other classes and other bits that were in a box of scrap paper.  Most adults really loved this - I heard one say she would like to do something like this in her living room all in blues and greens.

The special needs class made these awesome puppets.  These were one of the biggest hits of the show.  The heads are made of leftovers from casts (the school is across the street from a hospital) that aren't used any more.

 For years I have been trying to get teachers to use the art show as part of their curriculum - not just art.  This year, the grade 5 teacher decided that the students should build models as part of their "Ancient Egypt" unit.  I love the pyramid in the bottom right corner made of brightly coloured cereal boxes...and you can't read the sign, but it says it is made by "Hunter the Great".  So awesome.

And for individual projects, some absolute gems:

This apple made from 2L bottles was brilliant! Grade 3 student I believe.

One of  the teachers made this paper sculpture from leftovers.  We can always count on her for a great origami project.
My nephew made this cardboard mounted deer head.  Lovely.
This one was intriguing.  It was a paper honeycomb sculpture inside the branch and hanging all around it were little bees made from greeting cards.  Everybody touched it.

And of course I have to include my boys' projects...S made the woven rug on the right.  It is made from cut up T-shirts and took him quite a while.  He keeps it ON his bed, so the cat will go sleep on it.
N made the felted mat and ball on the left.  We went to an open house at an alpaca farm last spring and he was horrified that they throw out the leg fiber when they shear them.  They gladly gave him a bag full which he felted, in the tub, with his bathing suit on, into this mat for the cat.  The cat loves it and it is keeping so much cat fur off our area rug.  There are plans for more of these.  The sad thing is that during the art show, he caught a group of kids trying to rip the yellow 'circles' off the top - hence, the kinda sad state which you may or may not see in the picture.

So, all told, the art show was a success.  We had more participation than ever before (I was so busy I only got pictures of a few of the projects) and there is even already talk about what to do next year.

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  1. Wow what a fantastic show. So many talented artists.

  2. That is awesome! Sorry to hear some of the kids were messing with N's mat.

    I too love the Kindergarten wall piece.

  3. My boys have made some amazing sculptors like the first photo you have. they are all lovely.

  4. Wonderful rugs by your crafters there.

  5. These projects are great! I wish more kids would find the artist in them.

  6. Fantastic art show. The cardboard trophy is great, and your sons' rugs are cosy. I hope N was able to repair the damages.
    And you're right that honeycomb tree is intriguing. I want to touch it! Are the hexagons solid or open at the back, how were they made, how can the bees be inside the branch? I have a suspicion you meant to say inside the hexagons, if I'm right, one of my questions are answered ;)
    Then there's the daffodils in the background - did they belong to the honeycomb tree? If yes, those kids are bee-wise.

  7. Uglemor...The hexagons are completely enclosed, but they are hollow. A mother/daughter team worked on the honeycomb at home and I didn't have a chance to ask how they were made. I suspect there was a front with sides, and a back with sides that were then glued together. It didn't look like origami. I misspoke...the bees were hanging all amongst the branches. And the daffodils came from my yard:)

    WonderWhyGal...I completely agree. Sadly, art has been pretty well removed from the curriculum so the only way to expose them to it is to add it back in as extra-curricular. We had a hard go of it this year with the "work-to-rule" due to contract negotiations. They all pretty much made the art at home on their own and brought it in for me to set up the show.

    Earthboysblog...I did hop on over to see what your boys were working on. Lovely work they are making. I had to chuckle at the bows and arrows as I thought mine were the only ones doing that - we have a whole arsenal of homemade bows and arrows laying about the yard and shed.

  8. It DOES fit this hop so perfectly!!! The deer head is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday! Hope you stop by again!