Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Slightly less creepy

 I have finished ski mask # 2.
It is only slightly less creepy than the first one I finished but I like it in green better than in grey.
...and I imagine it will look less creepy on a child than on an adult.  So very difficult to take your own picture isn't it?
This project is from Son of Stitch and Bitch, and was a much better go than the first one.  I learned a few things the first time around so I had many less ends to weave in, and I added 8 stitches when I cast on, so the fit is better.

I had planned to put these is the "to be gifted later" pile, but we are in a cold snap right now,so they just might get them to walk to school tomorrow.

Edited to add: 
 They did get them to go to school with as it was -25 degrees Celsius with the wind chill.
They love them!

From the bookshelf:  Still plugging away at Middlemarch.  I am only on page 128 (I started 2 weeks ago so I should be done by now) because we have been painting and removing and replacing trim, and patching walls and what have you, so there is little  reading going on.

Around the house:  By the way, if you are interested, the living room and dining room are now green. Woodland Mystery actually.

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  1. Those would definitely come in handy in my neck of the woods, too. Really cute.

  2. Hahahaha! My ski loving sons would get a kick out of those!

  3. Those are great masks! My kids would love them because it would remind them of lucidor masks!

  4. I think those ski masks are awesome!

  5. Those masks are great! It's been so very cold lately! When I read Middlemarch, I think it took me a month and a half or so. It's a long, kind of slow book. But I found it very rewarding!

  6. Nope, they are both pretty much creepy. LOL. And I am sure that's why they love them!