Friday, 18 January 2013

From the Kiln

Before Christmas holidays, I missed a week of pottery, so I had to wait until last night to get my pieces.
It felt like a mighty long wait, let me tell you.
 A Brie baker/small casserole and a kinda jumbo candle holder.
I love making candle holders - and they are almost always glazed in Kaki (above).
They look old-fashioned to me that way.
 Brushwork on a pitcher - I guess I went a little heavy on the green.
Using a community studio, you never know how the oxides will be mixed - I was expecting it to be quite light like the brown I used the week before.

 There are actually 8 son used another blue one for breakfast, and 4 are not yet glazed.  I love the way the colour turned out on the inside (2 each of 4 colours by the time I get them all) so I kind of regret glazing the outside in Ferguson Yellow - but I did it so they would co-ordinate with the set of mugs I made - with a little surprise on the inside.
A pitcher for things like pancake batter.
I really liked how the glaze turned out on the inside rim of this one...but wait, what's that?
One of the unexpected surprises that comes with working in a (very) shared space -somebody's piece exploded in the kiln and a piece landed in my pitcher and fused there.  Grrr.  I am told I should be able to use my dremel to grind it out.  If I do it carefully enough, it shouldn't wreck the glaze....we will see.

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  1. Amazing pieces, wow! I love love those bowls!

  2. Just beautiful! I love pottery... something I would love to indulge in... if I felt I had the time. ;-)

  3. Your work is beautiful. Shame about the pitcher getting damaged, good luck getting the offending 'bit' off.

  4. Your pots are so lovely. I did a course a few years ago, but just could not master throwing on the wheel.

  5. Pots are magical. I know several serious potters - the kind who pay the bills with their pots, who dig up native clays and invent wild recipes for glazes. My daughter does a bit - knows more than she does - so it's fun to hear her explain the chemistry and construction. Sad thing about pots is that, like quilts and knit horses - there's only so much room in the house . . .

  6. Oh how I love pottery-- maybe someday I will learn this craft. Those bowl are beautiful!