Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A finished object and other random goodness.


This project has been on my to-do list for the boys for 2 years.  I have one done (modeled on myself because it is a surprise for gifting later in the year...) and I have only just started the second one.  Although I think it looks rather creepy on myself, I think it will be hilarious to see them all together on the sledding hills (I plan on one for each of my boys, my husband kinda wants one, one for their cousin, which means probably one for his dad/my brother too) - all in different colours so I can tell who is who.  The pattern is from Son of Stitch and Bitch and was my first real attempt at colour work.  I was surprised by how much weaving in of ends there was (because of the mouth and eye holes, so you kind of have to do two balls at once, of each colour for half the hat - and partly because I didn't realize you could just twist the yarns together to make a "jump" of more stitches...I will try that properly on this next ski mask).

In the kitchen:
This picture does not look at all appetizing, I realize now that it is posted, but this was delicious.  Baked brie with mango/peach chutney and toasted pecans on crackers.  In an attempt to make plain old ordinary days feel more special, I am trying my hand at appetizers that we have wanted to try for a while but have been saving for "special occasions".  Three of us liked this.  One, most emphatically did not!  I was sure that N would like this, since it is basically cheese covered in jam, but he is determined to not like brie - ever - because it is "fuzzy".  Huh?

Around the house:  
 Although the ornaments have been off the tree for days, I only packed it up and put it away yesterday.  Our living room looks huge now.  I am, however, leaving a few of these "greens" around the house because they are pretty, and they don't scream "holidays".  Other than the tree, these greens were pretty much the only holiday decorating that was done at my house this year - they were all over the house - and I liked it that way.

From the bookshelf:  Still reading George Elliot's "Middlemarch", but only just barely.  It's not a hardcover, so I can't prop it up and read it while I am knitting, and I have had an awful cold (which always makes my eyes water like mad) and reading has been difficult, so I have only read maybe 20 pages in the last week.

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  1. Oh my, that does look creepy, but boys love stuff like that and it is always great to find handknits that boys like.

  2. That mask is pretty great. I think my brother would love it... certainly my nephews would. ;-)

    I have to agree with N. The rind on Brie is tough to take. Otherwise, it's a nice cheese. I feel the same about Camembert too.

  3. Cool mask, love the greens! and the peach mango brie sounds yummy :)fuzzy or not! I would love to have you join in several hops that I host or co-host! Starting today there is the seasonal Winter on the HomeAcre Hop at:


    This gives you a chance to bring out archived posts on winter subjects :)
    Tomorrow is Wildcrafting Wednesday, you’ll be able to find it from my homepage at:


    And on Thursday I host The HomeAcre Hop, another good place to bring out great posts that you would like to share again. I’d love to see posts on homesteading, farming, cooking, homeschooling…the list goes on :) You can also find that on my homepage. Hope you can join us for all of these fun hops!

  4. I hope you feel better soon. I think the whole country has the same crazy cold. I love that mask. It reminds me of the masks they wear in wrestling. I love having greens in the house. It is still winter and still dark so greens are a good thing.

  5. The mask looks fun. i know my boys would love it.

  6. That is great, though you do look like you might be ready to rob a bank!

  7. I've been wanting to make a mask like this but my kids and husband all said they didn't want one. ARRRGGHHH! I bet if I made one, they would wear it.

  8. This is something my boys would love!