Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Children's artwork

We have been having an art show at the school for the past couple of years where the children make artwork from recycled/reclaimed materials.  This piece was made by N's class (grade 2 at the time) the first year we hosted the show.  I came across it while I was working on cleaning out the basement and I thought it would be worth sharing.  The teacher drew the outline on a large piece of paper - about 2' x 3'- and the children filled it in with recycled bits of newspaper they cut and glued on.  I love the eyes!

I really like this project done in black and white, but if you used magazine pages, really any kind of image could be created.  And I am so glad they had a teacher that year who put some effort into their art class - coming up with interesting projects for the children to work on.

I need to re-use the frame, which was already reclaimed from another project for the image above, so I have taken photos of the husky (incidentally, it is the school maskot - that's why they picked it) and I will go have a proper copy made and frame it for N's room.  That way he still gets to keep the image, but we don't have to hang a huge project in his room...he doesn't have the wall space for it.

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  1. Wow that is really beautiful!

  2. Oh wow, that is so cool! I wish I'd had an art teacher that awesome!

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  4. That is lovely. What a cool school mascot!

  5. I had a dog with eyes something like that. Hotcha - great job on it, they did. And great job you finding it and keeping it alive.