Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Yarn last

I am finally joining back in with all the wonderful ladies on Yarn Along.  It has been a while.
 I'm knitting up some socks for stocking stuffers.  Just plain socks this time.  One pair for an Eagles fan, one pair for the sugar fanatic...I think they will remind him of chocolate swirl or heavenly hash.
Can you tell which part of the sock I always dread?  Yep, the picking up of stitches.  This method does have a bonus though...I knit them up fast enough that after the first one I didn't have to have the pattern with me since they are the same size, with the same yarn.  I'm hoping that will continue with the next step.  Plus, since the minions they are for were with me on the trip, I could pick up whichever sock was for the kid that wasn't right near me.  Mostly, I worked on S's socks in the truck (since he sits behind me) and I worked on N's sock while he was in the water.  Then I kind of gave up because they are at the point that they are clearly going to be socks, so they now have to be switched over to the "night time knitting" project when the kids are in bed.

Before our trip, the book store was having a sale on "classics" - 3 for $10.00.  There were 3 that I hadn't read, so I picked them up.  I usually try to get books from the library for the most part, but since I tend to read the classics a few times over, I thought they were worth it at that price.  I read Madame Bovary on the trip (and kept waiting for it to get better but it never really did).  I have about three pages to go in The Woman in White.  That one, I liked.  I don't want to give too much away in case any of you read it (which I recommend) but it has fraud, a "Secret", the theft of a fortune, manipulation, romance.  I enjoyed it immensely.

I'll be checking out every one else's project throughtout the day/week.

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  1. great looking socks!! good idea to get them all to the same stage......I'm sure the finishing goes faster....and the bonus--you already have the second one half done (i suffer tremendously from second sock syndrome---it really is a disease, you know!)