Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A lovely week...

I had promised to share some pictures from our trip, so here is part one:
Ooooh, that water was cold some days!  But we went in every day (multiple times) none the less.
 Excuse me sir...I think you took my towel.  (His was soaked...I guess a mom can put up with a wet towel to keep her littles warmer)
We bought these inflatable rafts on sale before we left.  They were so much fun...
...especially after the guys flipped them upside down and used their arms instead of paddles.  And when N realized you could slide off it like a seal off an ice raft and climb back on again.  (Note: the boys can swim, but we insisted on life jackets because the lake got really deep right off the shore)
 S sure enjoyed his fishing.
He's actually the only person that caught anything.  One to eat and 11 to throw back in.
 We also enjoyed walking around Perth (Ontario) to look at all the great buildings.
This is about the cutest bakery I have ever seen.  Inside it is like an elf shop, with doors everywhere, and lots of different levels.  Also, the best cinnamon tea biscuit I have ever enjoyed.
 So so much history here.  There are so many stone store fronts.  The first stone house in Perth is still standing...built in 1820 I think the sign said.
 The top of city hall.
 Part of the firehall.  They used to hang the hoses out from the top windows to dry.
 Just plain beautiful...had to take a picture of those acorn finials!
 This house was built as a wedding gift for a new wife.  Can you just imagine.
Fiddleheads restaurant.  Also in this building (5 buildings put together actually) are a couple of stores, public bathrooms, a fountain with a seating area, and facilities for weddings.

This was our 4th trip to Perth since we have been married.  We just can't get enough of the place.

So, that was my week.  How was yours?

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