Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Really now!

 This is 5 pounds of tomatoes.  I collected these yesterday, and the same amount today. So, 10 pounds of tomatoes...

 I found a recipe online for making pizza sauce...several ways, actually, over here. So I thought, heck...why not try it? I wanted to make 12 jars of pizza sauce for the winter.
Disclaimer - the recipe does say that plum tomatoes are best. But I didn't have plum tomatoes.
So 10 pounds of tomatoes, 4 hours or so (granted I was doing other stuff at the same time), a huge mess in the kitchen in which I use way way too many dishes to do this..and I got two one-cup jars of pizza sauce.  Rest assured, I will not be doing this again. Although, at the same site, there is a pizza sauce using oven roasted tomatoes (so you don't have to wait and wait and wait while it reduces). I will be trying that one next time. If there is a next time (*wink*). Come on now.  We all know there will, in fact, be a next time.

Disclaimer 2:  the "next time" won't be until I have lots and lots of crushed tomatoes canned up and run out of   big jars.  Just sayin.


  1. Yes! Some of the recipes that I have tried in the past take so much time, for not much left over. I decided last year that I would just can tomatoes as crushed tomatoes (i don't even peel and seed them) and salsa. Then I take the crushed tomatoes and make all of my sauces fresh, they might be a little looser, but they are still delicious, and it is so much easier :-)

  2. I'm finally back online and trying to get caught up!

    Pizza sauce is my main use for all our tomatoes! I looked at those recipes though and have to say that's waaaaaay too much work for me. Reckon I'm lazy. Or short on time. I just chop and cook in a pot till soft. Run them through my foley food mill, and then let my slow cooker do the rest. It takes awhile to cook the sauce down, but it's easy! :)

  3. We just make straight tomato sauce. But it is quite surprising how little you get.

    I bet it's tasty, though. ;-)