Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Yarn along and possibly a stash busting update

This week, I was really hoping to have finished my penguin project.  I really really wanted to finish them in February, as I self-imposed a deadline on myself.
Penguins in various stages of completion...
 I have 6 nearly done, although none have a beak on them yet...
...and I have the parts for two more (and to finish the nearly done ones).  I am currently working on the last two penguin bellies.  I had thought to make 24 of these for an advent calendar for my sister but these 8 took up my entire ball of black yarn.  Who knew?  So, as part of the stash busting challenge...
they sure worked,  but I thought there would be more of them.
I'm putting them away for a little bit, because my sister was right...I do get bored of making the same thing over and over.  I will take a break from them and come back.  

Oh, the pattern is this one by Linda at Natural Suburbia.  

The book is "New Treehouses of the World"  by Pete Nelson.  I picked it up at the library because it looked interesting and the boys and I have spent hours going over this book.  It has amazing pictures of amazing treehouses, like this:

 I thought it was a greenhouse, but it was built for communication with outer space.  I'm not kidding.
This is one of my favourites, because the second floor (the second floor of the treehouse!!!) has 4 beds in it, with lamps and drawers and it just looks fantastic (unfortunately I couldn't seem to get a picture of the picture).  If you ever see this book, check it out.  I promise you will be amazed!  Some have hydro, and running water, and wood burning stoves (in a treehouse!!!)

Anyways, hop on over to small things to join the Yarn Along fun, and check out Creating a Family Home just in case the stash busting update is Wednesday too.


  1. So cute! you must have heaps of patience to make so many, and with all their small parts!
    That book looks fantastic, my boys would love it.
    We can't use our local library as they have an ABSOLUTE silence rule, so it's a no-go area for kids! well mine and all their friends anyway.
    Ps. I have decided on the Lavender necklace from you shop.

  2. Darling little penguins!!! They look rather fiddly to put together!! So many tiny pieces!

  3. Those penguins are so cute! I'm not surprised you got bored making the same thing over and over though, I think it's wise to take a break from them!

  4. Those tree houses are absolutely amazing. But the penguins are so cute! Looks like they'd be addicting to knit.

  5. I love those penguins! I know I would love your book, kids included!

  6. Oh, I would love to live in a house like that last one you have pictured!

  7. First, I love those penguins. Second, I want a tree house from that book. Third, I am SO GLAD you found the leaf you were looking for! I checked out your Etsy shop and it IS the same, that is so fabulous. I'm always amazed and impressed with the power of the internet!

  8. Your penguins look cute, but your mugs (below) are amazing! I wish I could do that! Where do you get your clay?

  9. Your penguins look perfect! I admire your skill and how many you have made :)

  10. Those penguins are awesome! How fun.

  11. What fun penguins! And those treehouses are wonderful - I wonder how long they last - I mean, you'd have to choose a well-built tree and then make sure it doesn't get hit by lightning!