Sunday, 26 February 2012


On Saturday, our local nursery and greenhouse hosted an alpaca show.  N and I went to spend some quality time with these adorable creatures:
 I love the colour of this one above.
 The one with the face in the hay ate the whole time we were least an hour and a half.
 N is loving these little ones...they were born in August.
 The one above was my favourite...just look at that face!
 This little guy above was born in November...N loved him too.
 ...but he was really smitten with this one...the friendliest one there, I think.

One of the women there showed N how to use a drum carder, which he thought was pretty neat.  And she gave him the carded wool to take home and make something.  He hasn't decided yet if he is going to make "another" ball for the cat, or try something new.  

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