Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sandwich Wrappers

Now...Sandwich wrappers...for my Stash Bash.
I have been making these sandwich wrappers for years - originally just for my kids and myself.  Then some of the teachers at school wanted some, so I gifted some.  Then a few of the kids wanted some, so I made a few more.  This past week, I decided ours needed refreshing and I still had some material on hand so I made a few more.  I had thought about putting some of them in my etsy shop, but when I did a quick search, I realized that there are tonnes of them out there already...who knew?

They are easy peasy to make...

Cut squares of vinyl and squares of  cotton fabric into the same size...I like 11" x 11" but we have some smaller, right down to 8" or so for snacks.  With right sides together, serge around the edges leaving about 4" open in the middle of one side.  Turn right side out.  Pin your opening closed and sew around the edges at about 1/16" from the edge...on my machine that is right where the groove is to line up my fabric, so that is what I use as my guide.

Or...cut two squares (one of vinyl and one of cotton).  Put wrong sides together and sew about 1/8" in from the edge.  Then, pin some double folded seam binding around your outside edge and sew it into place.  That's the first picture at the top...

Or...if you don't have any seam binding...cut your piece of vinyl to the size you want your finished wrapper to be.  Cut your cotton so that it is 2" bigger each way (if your vinyl is 8" x 8" your cotton is 10" x 10").  Lay your cotton right side down.  Center your vinyl right side up right smack in the middle of the cotton.  Now fold over each edge of the cotton 1/2" and then 1/2" again.  Pin in place.  Start with the two parallel sides, and then do the two other sides to get nice corners.

Ta-La....all done.  I am going to make a few with some nylon left over from the year I made raincoats for the boys (yep...the year that there was not a single boys raincoat to be found in the city to fit my boys) to see if they are more durable cuz no matter how many times you say "DO NOT PUT THESE IN THE DRYER" they end up in the dryer.

The snack bags I made are lined with the nylon so I imagine that it will work just fine.
So for today...the stash bash...
8 sandwich wrappers, done...oh and not to worry...these are for me to take my lunch to work...I will not be sending my boys to school with these in their lunches :)  and a few for giving to the teachers at the end of the year.

Join the Stash Bash fun over at Crunchy Catholic Momma today.

Edited:  I forgot to include how these close up...thank you to the reader who commented and pointed that out.  The boys use a rubber band around theirs once it is all closed up like an envelope.  You just need it to hold down that last flap really.  I have seen them before with a velcro closure, but that doesn't work for us because the items inside are never the same size so we would need a million different sizes.  When I want to be fancy, I close mine up with a piece of kitchen twine and wrap it up like a present.  I have also, in the past, sewn a ribbon into the middle of the back (just tack it in place really) and you can use that to tie it up like a package when it is all wrapped up, but with the usage ours get, I don't think it would last very long that way....Plus, the boys don't like to take the time to tie it...a rubber band is the best solution for our family.

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  1. Natalie, These are great, we used to make them too but round and I used rip stop nylon for the air tight layer. Yours came out great! Thanks for joining me.

  2. I really like this idea, but how does it work? The wrapper itself, I mean.
    Yours look very pretty :)

    1. I'm sorry, I left that part out...the boys use rubber bands to keep theirs all tied up nicely...easy to manage. I use a piece of kitchen twine and tie it up like a present when I want it to look pretty, or a rubber band if I am in a rush. You can also add a piece of velcro for a closure, but our inside items are never the same size, so I don't like the velcro closure for us. For giving, I have sewn a ribbon onto the back so that it ties up nicely when it is closed...but with the usage ours get (and boys) a ribbon wouldn't last very long.

  3. Very clever. I'm so sick and tired of plastic sandwich bags. I wash and reuse but they are a nuisance to dry. I like your idea better. :)

  4. What a nifty idea! My girls are starting school on Monday after being homeschooled for so long and I am kinda clueless as to what to pack and in what to pack it!


  5. What a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! I hope you will share with us again this week!