Sunday, 8 July 2012

Weekends in the garden.

I love weekends that we don't have anything big planned.  Weekends where we can do a little of this and a little of that, but aren't rushed to do any of it.
I had time to harvest a little something for dinner.  These potatoes are the first from the garden row, not the tower.  So far, they are looking good.  Nothing beats potatoes dug up an hour before you eat them.
The experimental potato tower looks good.  I just have to wonder if there are any potatoes in there.
Something has trampled N's popcorn patch.  I was going to rip out the ones that look like the were ripped right out, but I left them, and today...a few have straightened back up by themselves.  I am going to give them a week and see how they look.  
Our HUGE blueberry harvest.  They were tasty for sure.  I can't wait for a few years from now when I can get a bucket full.  
And lastly, I need your help.  I think I would like to prepare some echinacae tea for N for the winter (N loves herbal tea when he is sick...especially when he has the croup)...Do I dry the petals, or the leaves, or both?  Has anybody made their own before?

What are you harvesting?


  1. LOVE freshly dug potatoes. Probably one of my favorite things to eat from the garden...ok I really like anything that comes fresh from the garden :-) I have no idea on the echinacea, but would love to find out as I am hoping to make some for my family as well!

  2. use the root, dig in the fall after it is 2 years old.

  3. You can also use the flower and the leaves, taste is even much better than the root. When you dig up your root you won't have echinacea next year. Only use half a teaspoon dried herb for a cup of tea and enjoy all the benefits of this amazing plant!

  4. Hello Natalie,
    I use the entire echinacea flower {dried} when preparing a tea making it from leaves, flowers or seeds. The roots of the flowers are also great to harvest, simply cut and dry. I love echinacea flowers, so pretty and useful.
    Smiles, Paula