Monday, 9 July 2012

Summer is all about the quick crafts...

I haven't posted a "using what I have to make what I need" post in a while...and today, I have two very quick and easy projects for you.  Really quick.  I'm talking less than 20 minutes for both projects.

First up, my husband is doing a 100km walk this weekend as a fundraiser for Oxfam.  I know...crazy.  He asked me if we happened to have a reusable bag with a drawstring that he could use instead of using ziplocs for his trail mix.  The snack bags the kids and I use are a little too small, so of course I had to quickly whip one up:)  I used a piece of water resistant nylon left over from the rain coats I made for the boys a few years back (would you believe for two years there were no boys raincoats to be found in the city...just princessy ones and then huge ones for men).  I just cut a rectangle, serged one long edge (the edge that is going to be sewn down for the drawstring).  Folded it in half and then serged the remaining side and the bottom and switched to my sewing machine to sew a tube for the drawstring (which happens to be a shoelace actually).  Easy Peasy, lemon squeezy...

...which leads me to my second project.  Lemon sachets.
This is the very last bit of a pair of pyjama pants that my sister wasn't using any more.  The rest has been used up here and there through the years.  Just serged up two little pouches...didn't even sew in the ends or anything...
Two days ago, S asked me if I could make him lemon scented sachets instead of the lavender or mint, or bug repellent ones I usually make (he loves all things lemon).  Funny enough, just last week I had harvested some lemon balm and lemon thyme thinking to do the exact same thing because I knew he would love them.
So all I had to do was take the leaves off the stems, stuff the bags, and then sew them shut.  I added some mint just because, but when you squeeze it, you definitely smell the lemon first and foremost.
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PS.  I just hang bundles of  the mint and the lemon balm to dry, and the lemon thyme I lay out on a screen.


  1. Oh, it sounds like those sachets smell fantastic! I'll have to give that a try with some of the herbs we've been growing.

  2. I can almost smell those sachets! Yummy :)

  3. I love the smell of lemon balm - more so than lavender - yet it never occurred to put them in sachets until now ;0) (sometimes the most obvious things can escape thought!)