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Eat what you grow - Grow what you eat Challenge - July

It's that time of the month again to record my progress and notes for the Eat what you Grow/Grow what you eat challenge (in which I try to eat something that I grew every single day for the whole year - from my city Canada).
I have to say, I thought that late June and early July would be a little easier.  It has been so dry though that a lot of the crops have suffered.  
June 16 - a couple of raspberries and currents
17 - Strawberries in our oatmeal
18 - a variety of berries and peas while harvesting
19 - the boys and I took peas and raspberries in our lunches, and then we had a big bowl of peas with dinner
20 - gooseberries and peas in school lunches, lettuce with dinner
21 - gooseberries in school lunches, lettuce with dinner
22 - peas and strawberries
23 - raspberry sorbet
24 - strawberry/rhubarb preserves, gooseberries, and the rest of the raspberry sorbet
25 - raspberries in our waffles
26 - peas in our stir fry and all kinds of berries
27 - lettuce, spinach and radish seed pods, and N took gooseberries to school to share with the class
28 - radish seed pods in pasta salad
29 - berries...again.  If it wasn't for the berries, I wouldn't be getting through this challenge at all.
30 - all kinds of this and that while harvesting what is ready.
Radish seed pods - I didn't know these were edible until this year.

July 1 - Our first tomato (just one), sauteed radish seed pods (we all prefer them raw) and mint tea.
2 - mint tea and lots of herbs in spaghetti
3 - mint tea, our first cucumber, and our first 2 zucchini
4 - mint tea, peas and lettuce
5 - the first potatoes, more zucchini, and I made the boys each a tub of currant sorbet so they can eat straight from the container while we are at work...they quite like it because it is so so tart.
6 - lettuce, last year's salsa verde, and last year's salsa
7 - our very first handful of our own homegrown blueberries (and some lettuce).  I am worried about the bushes...there are a lot of dried leaves on them.  I am hoping they will survive.
I am pretty sure this is all I will be getting from home, so we plan to go pick some at a nearby farm.

8 - one tomato, one cucumber and some herbs - like I's growing in bits and pieces at a time
9 - strawberries - frozen from earlier in the season
10 - cucumbers
11 - strawberry rhubarb preserve on toast 
12 - green beans at our beach picnic
13 - full disclosure - today was a fail...I ate nothing from the garden.  We left early to go pick blueberries at a farm over an hour away, ate lunch there, and then ended up coming home late after unexpectedly having dinner at my mom's. day so far this year with nothing from the garden. 
14 - cucumber with our campfire dinner
15 - tomatoes, zucchini ( I am posting this on the 14th because I won't be able to tomorrow, but those are on the menu, and they are even already picked)
There is quite a bit of herb harvesting going on to enjoy through the winter.  I have started a bit of preserving here and there...but I haven't tasted any of it yet, so I think I will share once we have tasted to make sure it is good...all new things I am experimenting with.

So, what are you growing?  What are you eating?  What are you preserving to enjoy in the winter?
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Tally so far:   Success Days: 61   Days I didn't meet the challenge: 1
Come on back again next month.

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  1. I definitely need an exemption...i'm not entirely sure how to combat the millions of bugs that are attacking everything! I had a good 3 weeks of shell peas (which my kids ended up eating before I could pick) rhubarb before that...and now my garlic is looking like it is ready to beans are getting close too. Oh, I have had several green peppers the past week. I guess that is a plus :-)