Monday, 14 May 2012

This is my crafting lately...

I have been spending an aweful lot of time trying to outsmart the critters in our yard.  This is my last ditch attempt to beat the cats at their game.  Every single catnip plant I have planted has been eaten right down to the ground.  Overnight.  So this time, I hammered in some sticks, put some bird netting around it and then put rocks and bricks all around the openings at the bottom.  I haven't the heart yet to go out and see if it worked overnight or not...I will see on my way to get my bike this morning.

I have also been crafting a new strawberry patch.  This has become my biggest job and is quite slow going right now because of all the roots.  In the middle there is a cherry tree we planted last year in the hole left behind from an old maple that had to be cut down...once the stump rotted out, the boys dug it out and made me a hole for this tree.  The problem is that all around it, there are still odds and ends of roots...right near the surface so removing the sod is taking a while.  I only managed to dig up enough to move 18 strawberries over the weekend, but it is now about 85% complete.

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Tuesday is also the "launch" of my eat what you grow challenge.  There will be updates on what I have so far, what I am doing to prepare, and of course, everyone is welcome to share/comment/leave a link.  Won't you come back and join us?

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  1. Ooh, dirt! I woke up this morning with an uncontrollable urge to plant tomatoes. I went to work instead, but this isn't helping me forget. Hope your new system saved your plants!