Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Not much progress

As usual on a Tuesday night, I write my post for Wednesday's yarn along...
not much progress this week, as we have had beautiful weather (translate:  I spent most of the weekend outside, and came in at night much too tired to even knit) and we have had company.
 This is how far I am on the rabbit I shared last week ( it's over here and it's free ).  I no longer think mine looks like a goat in this colourway...now I think it looks like a dog.  I agree with the comments last week though - once it is stuffed and I have added the face, I think it will look just fine.
 This is how far I am on N's hat for next autumn...it looks lumpy on my head because for once my hair was not in a ponytail...(side note: N was very upset Sunday because he accidentally felted this year's hat in the washing machine and he doesn't know I have already started this one, but he did ask whatever happened to that "cool tie-dyed yarn" that I was spinning. hee hee hee - the green stripes are a merino/silk blend that I bought, but the rest is handspun)
 ...almost done, see?  It's a tricky one because I have been taking it to work for lunch time but since I have been biking I don't like bringing it back and forth, so progress has halted.  This is me trying to sneak a picture of it in the bathroom mirror while N finishes his bedtime snack. (side note: it is so soft and squishy I do believe I need one too)
And now...this is where I get into trouble.  Last week, a fellow yarn-alonger (homesprout) shared a tunic she was working on, and I clicked the link, and I found the book (Modern Top-Down Knitting) and I ordered said book, and I want to make about 12 projects RIGHT NOW!  And I am constantly checking out the zero mile diet  while I start planting a few things in my garden...and yes, if you are wondering, I am in fact quite envious of all of you that are already eating whole meals from your garden.  For the next few weeks, all we get to enjoy are herbs, green onions, rhubarb, and maybe, just maybe, in a week or two, some baby bok choy.  Preserving Food without canning or freezing arrived with the knitting book (combined them for free shipping YIPPEE.) and the next four are just less than half of what I brought home from the library last night.  I'll let you know how they turn out, but the urban homestead sounds promising as it is for city gardeners like myself.  (Although, if you stand in just the right spot in my backyard, it is starting to look like a little farm, and that makes me very happy indeed).

Now, if anyone can help me out...what, oh what, do I do with all of my parsley?  I know I can freeze it, but other than soups, where will I use it up?  PS: my husband doesn't like parsley (he says) so I have to hide it.

Tomorrow, of course, I link up with Ginny from small things for yarn along.


  1. I love the rabbit! So cute. And the colors for the hat our beautiful. Hope you find some time to knit soon.

  2. Love that stack of books you have there and now am quite interested in the Zero Mile Diet.
    Do you juice? Parsley is great jucied, added to a salad, made into pesto.
    Have a happy day!

  3. The rabbit is cute and will look great when he has eyes! Love the colors of the hat. Happy Wednesday.

  4. What lovely yarn that you spun! Beautiful colors!

  5. Try using an immersion blender to make a salad dressing out of the parsley. Add a bit of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar or lemon juice, and maybe some freshly-ground pepper. It tastes very bright and yummy.

    1. Oooh that sounds yummy. I will try it. Thanks

  6. I have strawberries- but that is about it so far LOL
    Love the hat!

  7. I knew it would look better once the body was attached. We're eating a lot of parsley too. Favourite way at the moment is finely chopped in melted butter and drizzled on new potatoes. Doesn't hide it, I'm afraid, but it is yummy.

  8. Thanks for the link! That book is really good right? Also, my garden isn't producing much right now either, so don't feel bad. I think I will have enough lettuce to harvest this week however, so at least there's that... I only have a few other knitting books also, but most sweater patterns are paid for, so a book is actually a better purchase... I can't wait to see what you make first! (Somehow, it's listing me as anonymous, but it's me, homesprout:)

  9. The bunny is going to be so cute! And the hat is to die for. My DH doesn't care for parsley either, but I dry it for both culinary and medicinal uses anyway. Great choice of books BTW.