Monday, 28 May 2012

Done and then not done.

A short while ago, someone (I think from Tuesday's Keep Calm Craft on, but possibly from Thursday's Needle and thREAD) posted about their sewing project keeping them humble.  That post could be an ode to my latest sewing project.
This monstrosity is the skirt I have spent about 6 hours on already.
It has a few redeeming qualities:
I do quite like the back.  I made it puffier back there to "give me some curves".
I am quite smitten with the ruffle (which incidentally is the size that it is because that is EXACTLY how much material I had of that particular colour).

Here are the not so redeeming qualities: 
I really wanted to use this yellow fabric to make a skirt.  It arrived in a package of fabric my grandmother wanted me to have before she passed away.  BUT, it is too thin for a skirt, so I thought I would line it with some white fabric I had. Mistake #1.  
It looked way better in my head.  I had issues with the white in the front, so I cut it in an arch to kind of mimic the shape at the front.  Mistake #2.
I tried to "fix" the arch by lining the edge with bias tape that matches the roses in the fabric.  Mistake #3.
I really wanted a wrap around skirt.  Mistake #4.  It just isn't sitting right.

So, I am going to try to save it.
I am going to cut off the last panel - the part that wraps around, put a zipper in (somehow hiding it cleverly of course...ha!), rip out the lining and figure out something else as I truly think it is the lining that is making it all wonky...but I think the only lining I have left is beige and this is a total stash busting skirt so I really don't want to go buy some lining for a skirt that is on it's last chance.

Wish me luck.  And you are welcome...I will gladly share my dismal failures any old day to make you all feel like super heroes.  It may be a while before I share the finished product because I may hide it store it in my fabric box for a little bit while I work on something fresh to make me feel good (motivated) enough to get back to it.

Tuesday I will be linking up with Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm Craft On and In the Heart of my Home for Needle and thREAD, just to keep it real.

Now, if you will excuse me, I just got back from the library where I discovered a whole second gardening section that I didn't know existed so I have some reading to do.  I have picked up "Uncommon Fruits Worthy of Attention" (now doesn't that sound right up my alley???) and "Farm City: the Education of an Urban Farmer" to get me started (along with some fiction of course).  I will let you know what I think of them shortly.


  1. OOoh Bugger! I have had many sewing mis-haps! Always a good "learning experience" ;) Well that's what I tell myself...

  2. Ohh that stinks!! The last time I made myself a skirt it failed dismally. Which stinks because I would SO love one. A few years ago I came home with beautiful fabric for a sundress. Just cutting it out I messed up, handed the whole bundle over to my mom & a hours later had a beautiful dress. I so wish I could sew clothes for myself! Thankfully it's going easier making them for my 2 year old! Your fabric really IS gorgeous though!!! And I love the back of the skirt too! :-)

  3. haha I am no stranger to being humbled by my various projects. sigh. Here is my recent project:

  4. Wishing you much luck! It really is a worthy endeavor. Keep pressing on--you'll do that fabric justice yet:-)