Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Meet some Makers...

Today I'm sharing a list of makers put together by Ann Tudor.  Ann is a glass worker (I want to say lampwork?) and has decided that she wants to support small business and individual makers this upcoming holiday season, and has shared her list on her blog here.  I thought it would be fun to share the same list, with pictures.

I'm going to start with Ann herself.  She's on InstagramFacebook
and you can shop directly from her online store 
She makes these amazing ice cube martini picks, 
but I kind of want a bowl full of the cubes to put a candle in.  Wouldn't that sparkle

Julianna Puccini is on Instagram and on etsy
and has delightful yarn that would be perfect for gift giving as it is, or for working up a special gift.

Karen Robinson is on Instagram and on etsy and has a website
and also has delicious yarny goodness for making or for gifting (hint: I want some yarn, OK?)

Jessy is on Instagram and on etsy
and has organic, artisanal skin care products.  

Allison Locicero is on instagram, has a website, with a shop

and has some beautiful patterns available for purchase (this entrelac scarf pattern is FREE)

Rhonda Bennett has an etsy shop
with tie dyed shirts and beaded jewellery

Gaye Glasspie is on instagram, Facebook, has a blog, and is on etsy
and has some delightful chunky knits.


Amy Crook is on Instagram, has a website, and is on etsy

and has "cards and art for the geeky fan".  She has a whole Sherlock section!

 Catherine Fritsch is on Instagram, and has a website with a shop 

with some sweet looking sleepwear, accessories, and lingerie.
And Anne was lovely enough to include me.

Just in case you missed it on the sidebar...here's my etsy shop, and you can also find me on Instagram and facebook.

 Feel free to link up your info in the comments if you have a shop or a small biz.

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  1. Truly inspiring makers! Thank you for sharing!