Thursday, 29 October 2015

In which my local yarn store blows me away...

Yesterday, I was at my lys (local yarn store) looking for multiple colours of yarn for an upcoming project.
 I was looking for dk, and they suggested three different brands that each had their own colourways.

I chose 6 balls from one brand and had them laid out on the counter, but since I had initially walked in looking for "bright" colours, I moved over to another brand and started to try to put a set together.

The owner saw me struggling to make colour choices so she asked me if I have a favourite painting...
...and then proceeded to pull this painting up onto the monitor.

These are the yarns that were already on the counter at that point.
Clockwise from top left we have sky, clouds, grass/umbrella, shadows, flowers, and the darker portions of the sky.   Well will you just look at that!  Needless to say, I stopped looking and just bought these six.

The subconscious at work.  The funny thing is, I haven't seen the painting in months.


  1. Long live the awesome LYStores :-D.

  2. How interesting. My fav is Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth. Now I may understand better my obsession with limey grass green. Love your color palette.

    1. I looked up that painting's lovely. I see why you love it.